Angel Locsin is Darna 2014

(Photo Credit: jullbar)
(Photo Credit:  jullbar)
(Photo Credit: jullbar)

Darna is a fictional character and Filipino comics super heroine created by the master writer Mars Ravelo and artist Nestor Redondo, which first appeared in the locally-published Pilipino Komiks  under Ace Publications, Inc.,  #77  of May 13, 1950.

From print media, Darna has  evolved into television and movie screens; all in all spanning 63 years and boasting a long list of had-been Darnas, the last of which was in 2009 via a TV series wherein Marian Rivera played the role of Darna.

Presently, Star Cinema is keen on getting the iconic Darna up in the sky again; with the more modern version of the marvelous heroine gracing the movie screen in 2014, perhaps with the super duper animation and cutting-edge expertise of Reality Films for best results.   It may be recalled that Star Cinema had been more directed towards comedy and romance; hence, the Darna endeavor would be a welcome breather.

Who’s the next lucky lady to play Darna 2014?

Who else but one of FHM’s top models, Angel Locsin gets the much-coveted role; as disclosed by Malou Santos, the managing director of Star Cinema.

Locsin as Darna in the 2005 TV series made her more famous, and to actually reclaim the glorious role, but this time on the giant screen, is a double treat for Locsin.  More so, if plans will push through, Angel will find herself in the books as the first Darna to fly on both small and the big screen.

From a previous interview,  Locsin expressed delight over the prospect of being offered to play Darna again, but this time on the big screen. She added that  Darna has already become part of her and it would delight her to give life to the character again.

The same way that it would delight the moviegoers to see her doing the “up up and away”  moves via the huge screen until she shouts ‘Narda‘ and spit the magic stone.

 Besides, the Darna outfit is most apt on her sexy curves.

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  • George

    I’ve begun to associate the brand of “Darna” with “Creative Bankruptcy”. Seems apt for the local media industry.

  • Bev Mg Naj

    bagay nman tlaga ky angel ang darna kc strong yung personality nia a very tough woman

    • Erin Napolis

      ……tama, saka ang complexion pang Pinay…

  • Ako

    They should recreate other characters in the big screen. Then put them together in a big movie. Like lastikman, kristala, darna, captain barbel just like the movie Avengers! haha

  • eufems

    Pang-ilang darna na ini?

  • Kates Jcnnette

    Your Perfect on that Role !!! but I hope on that movie You will be paired With Also one of my idol , #cocomartin!!!Can’t Wait for tha!!:)