Man Loses In Election, Kills Three Siblings

A man killed his own brother and his two sisters,  after he and his daughter lost in the recently conducted barangay elections in Brgy.  Manapao, Pontevedra, Capiz.

The man, identified as Manuel Arcenas,62, is the outgoing chairman and ran for a position for barangay kagawad, while his daughter Isabel Arcenas, ran against his brother, Ramon Arcenas for barangay captain.  Ramon Arcenas, 54, won.  However, he did not live long enough to be sworn into office since he was one of the three victims who were shot dead by his older brother, Manuel.  The other two are his sisters, Jennifer Arcenas-Nuyes, 57, and Evelyn Arcenas-Espenar, 58.

According to reports, the suspect, Manuel Arcenas, came to the victims’ house Tuesday morning, around 5:00 am.  He was armed with a .45 caliber handgun and a 30 caliber carbine rifle and without any warning, shot his three siblings.

According to his nephew, Philip John Arcenas, Manuel Arcenas was in “full battle gear” when he came to their house. He pointed the gun at Phillip John and said, “Isa ka pa! Pinagtutulungan niyo ako.” (You’re one of them plotting against me!)

Philip said he didn’t expect that his uncle had the capacity to shoot his very own siblings.

The suspect ran away and has gone into hiding since the incident.

The three victims were rushed to Bailan District Hospital, but died shortly of the gunshot wounds.

According to Ramon Arcenas’ widow, Josephine Arcenas, she thinks that her brother-in-law shot her husband because he could not concede his loss.

Police said that, the suspect probably has a personal grudge against his brother, and it could be one of the motives for the crime other than just politics. The investigators said that the siblings have dispute regarding their inheritance.

Comelec regional director Atty. Dennis Ausan said that even before the election, the siblings were already not in good terms.

A manhunt for Manuel Arcenas is already launched.

Meanwhile, the COMELEC (Commission On Elections) has yet to announce who will replace Ramon Arcenas.

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  • disqus_LJj4uJgP1Y

    What is wrong with filipino politicians????

    • BisayaOnline

      Greed of power and money I tell you…

    • Danny Javier DeGuzman

      Why do you think it happen only in the Philippines.. some places are worst than this!!!!

    • kurdapya

      mostly “PIGS”sorry but this is what i think mostly of them. i have already lost trust and respect to them. they are only there not to serve the people…their main interest is power and money! who would want to spend much money in the election for what? see this man who lost in the election…became evil!

  • Danny Javier DeGuzman

    It’s more on siblings rivalry than politics…. because he killed his other siblings and another relative that he thought was in cahost against him……i think devil was with him or inside him

    • pc

      Why are you being defensive about Filipino politics? Why are you trying to put the blame on “the devil”?

  • Danny Javier DeGuzman

    Because it’s obvious not politics its siblings rivalry and i do believe he was possible possess by the devil….killing your own blood don’t add up thats pure evil no politics Filipinos or not

    • pc

      Can you not say this sibling rivalry stemmed from their political backgrounds? There are many jealous siblings out there, especially when it comes to one person achieving more than the other. This isn’t just true to Filipinos–it happens everywhere. Also, since they were possessed by the devil, do you think exorcism would have saved them?