Manny Pacquiao Dedicates Bout Against Rios to Typhoon-Stricken Countrymen

MAnny PAcquiao dedicates his latest fight to the typhoon victims Photo Credit: Manila Bulletin
Manny Pacquiao dedicates his latest fight to the typhoon victims Photo Credit: Manila Bulletin
Manny Pacquiao dedicates his latest fight to the typhoon victims
Photo Credit: Manila Bulletin

With a heavy heart, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao left for Macau this afternoon for his comeback bout against Mexican-American Brandon Rios. Manny was talked into deferring his plan to personally visit his typhoon-battered countrymen in Eastern Visayas and was told to just focus on his training.

The Filipino southpaw was in deep training for his coming fight in November 24 when super typhoon Yolanda clobbered the Visayan region more than a week ago leaving thousands d**d in its wake. A naturally caring person, Pacquiao wanted to extend a helping hand to the victims of the terrible tragedy but his trainers talked him out of it. It was a difficult decision not to allow the Filipino boxing champion to visit the devastated areas but his handlers insisted it is for the best.

Manny Pacquiao wanted to lift the spirits of the typhoon victims so he is dedicating his fight against Rios to them. He believes winning his comeback fight will bring inspiration and hope to the victims of Yolanda.

In a statement, Manny Pacquaio said: “I really want to visit the area and personally do what I can to help our countrymen who have suffered so much in this terrible tragedy. But I’m in deep training for a crucial fight so I regret I cannot go” adding that he will send help to those who need it the most. The Filipino boxing champion requested everyone to pray for our country and its people in these trying times.

In a telephone interview, Pacman’s adviser Micheal Koncz told Associated Press that Manny will visit the devastated areas after his fight that will be held in Cotai Arena in Macau. He said at this point in his training Pacquiao doesn’t need any distractions.

Pacquiao’s coach Freddie Roach said Manny told him about his plan to visit the typhoon-hit areas but the fight is too close for him to take any time off. He said Manny is very concerned about the situation in the affected areas but the former pound-for-pound champion is focused on the fight.

Roach said Manny knows this bout against Rios is a must-win fight. He is fighting not just for his boxing career but for the country. He is out to prove that his two consecutive losses to Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez are not the beginning of a decline in his boxing skills and abilities.

Manny’s trainers said the great boxer is in top shape and is out to prove to the world that he can still compete at the highest level.
If Manny wins the fight in Macau, Coach Freddie Roach said they will seek a rematch with Juan Manuel Marquez. He said Marquez just got lucky when he knocked out Pacquiao in their fight last year.

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