Chito Miranda and Neri Naig Are Engaged

Controversy only made Chito Miranda and Neri Naig’s relationship stronger as the couple are now said to be engaged. The Parokya ni Edgar front man and vocalist recently announced on national television that he has been planning for the wedding for a long time.

“I planned this ever since. Of course, when you’re in a relationship, you always want to think that this will be it,” Miranda said.

Miranda added that he is happy that Naig is back working again. She is currently a cast member in the TV5 soap, Obsession. It can be recalled that Naig took a break from show business shortly after a s*x video of the couple was leaked on the Internet, and a case to find the perpetrator has been filed at the National Bureau of Investigation. Before the video was uploaded, Miranda said that his room was burglarized and that one of the things stolen was the hard drive that contained the video.

During the ordeal, however, Miranda and Naig stood by each other and their relationship.

“We love each other. The more that people try to ruin our lives, we become stronger in love and in our relationship,” Miranda said during that time.

Miranda made the announcement of their engagement during the launch of the band’s 20th anniversary album called Bente, wherein he also spoke of how strong Naig is in handling the controversy.

“With Neri, she’s a strong girl. She took it hard, but the thing is, when you’re surrounded by people that love you, it makes everything easier. We just laugh about it. It’s not that we don’t take it
seriously. It’s just how you should handle it,” Miranda said.

The vocalist also thanked his and Naig’s family and friends for their support all throughout the ordeal.

“They really made us feel that we are loved. It was never an issue for them.”

At Instagram, fans and followers of Miranda and Naig are already abuzz and have been congratulating the couple on their engagement.

Chaseme30 said “Saw your interview at ABS-CBN regarding the wedding! Congrats! Stay strong and happy together!”

Erickajan21 said “I told myself that I would not log in today but I saw your interview! Waaah. I cannot concentrate on my studies anymore. Hahaha. I still have exams tomorrow. You two are my inspiration! Im soooo happy for you. I could not help by scream in delight when I saw the news.”

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