Father Renzo Lavatori: Angels Exist but They Don’t Have Wings

Father Renzo Lavatori, a top Catholic Church angelologist, said that angels do exist, they just don’t look like what we think.  During an event about angelic art, Lavatori told the AFP that there is a “rediscovery of angels in Christianity” due to the emergence of New Age religions.

However, Lavatori was quick to add that angels do not have wings, and are more likely to be just shards of light.

“You do not see angels so much as feel their presence. They are a bit like sunlight that refracts on through a crystal vase”, Lavatori said.  He added that the well-known image of angels is because of their being back in the mainstream.  The angelologist also said that while the most popular and widespread image of angels that have wings are what has been ingrained in people, these are not true.

“There is space for that, but you have to understand that these are not real representations.  Angels do not have wings or look like cherubs”, Lavatori clarified.

Monsignor Giovanni Tonucci, head of the Loreto Marian sanctuary, talked about angels being “pure souls”.  Tonucci said that since there is no definite form for angels, artists came up with their own interpretations of what they look like.

Organizers of the event said that angels have helped “drive religious and philosophical thought and have given birth to sublime forms of poetic and artistic expression”.

The event was led by Italian art foundation Fondazione Archivio Storico this week at the Palazzo della Cancelleria.

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