Deniece’s Family Supportive, But Wants Privacy – Lawyer

Deniece Cornejo (Photo credit: scoopboy)

MANILA, Philippines – The parents of Deniece Millet Cornejo have remained supportive of their daughter, albeit, behind the glare of the spotlight and the television cameras.

Lawyer Howard Calleja , Cornejo’s legal counsel, said the family of the embattled  model-student has preferred to keep mum on the controversy.

In an interview with Karen Davila on the television show Headstart, Calleja said Cornejo requested the media to spare her parents from publicity amid the media frenzy regarding her involvement in the mauling and alleged extortion of comedian-television host Vhong Navarro.

The conspicuous absence of Cornejo’s family amid the controversy has prompted netizens to wonder whether they have deserted her.

But Calleja pointed out that this is not true, saying, “The support of the family is there, but it doesn’t mean if they are not beside her on TV, they are not beside her in actuality.”

“May mga tao na ayaw lang magpa-TV, ‘di ba? But it doesn’t mean na in my office or any other place that we see them or meet them and that we see the support of the family… All I’m saying is that they would like their privacy to be maintained,” he told Davila.

“The father, I was informed by Deniece, is an OFW working abroad. Some of the family members are here, some are also abroad, but she requested us to keep this private, to keep the privacy of the family.” Calleja said.

Calleja said they acceded to Cornejo’s request. He also appealed to the public not to drag the family anymore into the scandal.

Stories surrounding Cornejo’s alleged shady family background have been circulating in the social media allegedly to put her in the bad light.

Despite this, none of the members had since come out to refute the rumors.

Cornejo was also criticized online for claiming she is related to GMA 7 top executive Felipe Gozon after an Instagram post surfaced showing her in a photo with Gozon, whom she called “Lolo.”

GMA 7 had since issued a statement denying Cornejo’s claim.

On Wednesday, Cornejo filed r**e charges against Navarro before a court in Taguig City.

Prior to Cornejo’s suit, Navarro himself also filed criminal charges against Cornejo, Cedric Lee and several others allegedly involved in the assault against the actor.