‘Snake Girl’ in Thailand a Hoax?

“Snake Girl” Mai Li Fay?

BANGKOK, Thailand – An article published by worldnewsdailyreport.com on January 6 created a stir online as it raised the veracity of the subject which is about a supposed “snake girl” in Thailand attracting thousands of tourists and pilgrims.

The article featured an 8-year-old girl allegedly named Mai Li Fay with a very unusual case only seen perhaps in science fiction movies – a human with a snake torso.

According to the article, the country’s medical expert, Dr. Ping Lao, said Fay suffers from a very rare syndrome known as Serpentosis Malianorcis or Jing Jing’s disease.

The disease, it added, gives the girl a distinct reptilian form and aspect, thus, making her a “snake-girl.”

There were only very, very few recorded cases of such disease in history, making the available scientific knowledge very limited, according to the article. It added that there is no cure for it at present.

Mai Li Fay reportedly attracts thousands of tourists and pilgrims, especially Buddhists and Hindus who believe that just by touching her would bring them good fortune.

Her situation brought the Fay family an opportunity to earn substantial revenues to improve their badly impoverished status, although it cost them their privacy as the never ending line of people continue to swarm their home to get a glance at the “snake girl.”

However, a cursory check at Google about the disease Serpentosis Malianorcis brought no legitimate result except for the article itself, raising serious doubts on the authenticity of Fay’s case.

The article has been making rounds in the newsfeeds and social media recently, but most netizens who have read the article believed it was fake and edited.

But there are some who thinks Fay’s case must be studied and experimented by scientists for research and development in genetic technology.

Meanwhile, wordnewsdailyreport.com has yet to issue a statement in its page to support its article or to disprove those who claimed it was a hoax.