SPAM ALERT: ‘CCTV Video’ of Vhong Navarro’s Attack is a Scam

Screen grab from the supposed CCTV footage of the ‘Vhong Navarro attack’

MANILA, Philippines – It seems that online scammers are at it again, taking advantage of some people’s misery and of other’s gullibility, by tricking social media users into compromising their online accounts to hackers using the public’s interest on the alleged brutal attack on Vhong Navarro as bait.

A supposed closed circuit television (CCTV) footage showing the attack on actor-comedian Vhong Navarro on Wednesday at a Fort Bonifacio condominium unit is making rounds on social media newsfeeds, but it is actually an online scam used by hackers to trick computer users into accessing their accounts, acquire passwords and other log-in details.

This type of post tagging, like the ‘shocking CCTV footage’ of Vhong Navarro, is a variation of technique used by online scammers known as ‘phishing’.

Since the ‘Vhong Navarro incident’ is the news of the hour, these frauds have devised an internet hoax to scam netizens, using controversial issues or hot news items to arouse the interest of people into clicking malicious links. Once these fraudulent links are clicked, the victim is then directed to a content site.

It may either prompt the user to share the link first before allowing them to view the video, or just by clicking the link alone will automatically share the malicious link on the user’s Facebook or Twitter timelines and feeds, in which case the link could spread exponentially.

By automatic sharing, the fake link uses the credibility of the user, thus luring other friends or followers into clicking the link themselves, thereby resulting into a multiple cycle of shares, and finally flooding timelines on social media.

It is therefore advised to ignore this so-called ‘shocking CCTV footage of attack on Vhong Navarro’, when it appears on social media feeds and timelines.