Viral Video: Python Eats an Alligator

The Florida Everglades is known for its famous river of grass, unique wildlife including alligators, and, of course, those scary, annoying and invasive Burmese pythons.

It is not rare that alligators and pythons come in close contact with each other.

Everglades National Park officials said alligators, an apex predator in the Everglades, are sometimes seen consuming the large snakes and some of their battles have been documented in photos and video.

However, sometimes the reverse can happen; a python eats an alligator.

YouTube user, Ojatro, captured such an encounter a few years ago, and played his video at X6 speed.  The video continues to be viral.

Animal Planet, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and many other TV networks have used Ojatro’s wildlife footage in countless tv shows around the world.

Ojatro says:

In 2010 I filmed yet another exceptional rare animal behavior sequence. This time, a large Burmese Python a*****s, k***s and eats an American Alligator in the Everglades. There is still so little known of how the pythons will adapt to the environment of Florida. So it came more or less as a total shock that this constrictors even prey on Florida’s top predator, the American Alligator. The entire feeding sequence lasted for over three hours in its original. Also please note that the alligator is still alive while being swallowed by the python..

 Watch the video at x6 speed: