Coca-Cola Life: New green Coke to fight obesity

(Photo Credit: Daily Mail)

Coca-Cola is launching a new sweet beverage, touted to be a healthier version of their regular coke, to add to its already wide array of products.

The drinks giant market tested the Coca-Cola Life, a naturally sweetened cola which contains a third less sugar and fewer calories, in Argentina and in Chile last year and will launch it in Britain this September.

Coca-Cola Life does not use artificial sweeteners, but is reportedly sweetened with a blend of sugar and the extract from the best-tasting part of the Stevia leaf.

Stevia leaves Photo Credit: NZ Herald
Stevia leaves
Photo Credit: NZ Herald

Stevia is a sweetener and sugar substitute made from the leaves of plant species ‘Stevia rebaudiana’; a plant that is native to South America, particularly in Paraguay. The Coca-Cola company has been using the natural sweetener for years, but mostly for their non-carbonated and fruit-flavored drinks. The company said it has also been using it in Sprite and its Glacéau vitamin water.

Coca-Cola Life is part of the company’s commitment to offer consumers reduced, low and no-calorie options. The new drink would help meet its pledges made under the UK government’s voluntary anti-obesity drive and would offer consumers a greater choice.

“It’s the most recent example in a series of initiatives by the company to inspire happier, healthier lives,” a company spokesman said.

A 330ml can of regular Coca-Cola contains 35 grams of sugar, or 39% of an adult’s GDA (guideline daily amount) while Coca-Cola Life contains only 22.1 grams of sugar or 25% of an adult’s GDA. The two other Coca-Cola drinks, Coke Zero and Diet Coke, contain no calories.

Coco-Cola Life in green can Photo Credit: The Guardian
Coco-Cola Life in green can
Photo Credit: The Guardian

Coca-Cola Life features a new and striking green label unlike the regular coke that has the famous Coca-Cola logo on a red background. The new and healthier cola will come in a 330ml can, 500ml bottle and 1.75L bottle.

To date, the company have not disclosed when Coca-Cola Life will be rolled out globally.

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