Coca-Cola Life: New green Coke to fight obesity

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Coca-Cola is launching a new sweet beverage, touted to be a healthier version of their regular coke, to add to its already wide array of products.

The drinks giant market tested the Coca-Cola Life, a naturally sweetened cola which contains a third less sugar and fewer calories, in Argentina and in Chile last year and will launch it in Britain this September.

Coca-Cola Life does not use artificial sweeteners, but is reportedly sweetened with a blend of sugar and the extract from the best-tasting part of the Stevia leaf.

Stevia leaves Photo Credit: NZ Herald
Stevia leaves
Photo Credit: NZ Herald

Stevia is a sweetener and sugar substitute made from the leaves of plant species ‘Stevia rebaudiana’; a plant that is native to South America, particularly in Paraguay. The Coca-Cola company has been using the natural sweetener for years, but mostly for their non-carbonated and fruit-flavored drinks. The company said it has also been using it in Sprite and its Glacéau vitamin water.

Coca-Cola Life is part of the company’s commitment to offer consumers reduced, low and no-calorie options. The new drink would help meet its pledges made under the UK government’s voluntary anti-obesity drive and would offer consumers a greater choice.

“It’s the most recent example in a series of initiatives by the company to inspire happier, healthier lives,” a company spokesman said.

A 330ml can of regular Coca-Cola contains 35 grams of sugar, or 39% of an adult’s GDA (guideline daily amount) while Coca-Cola Life contains only 22.1 grams of sugar or 25% of an adult’s GDA. The two other Coca-Cola drinks, Coke Zero and Diet Coke, contain no calories.

Coco-Cola Life in green can Photo Credit: The Guardian
Coco-Cola Life in green can
Photo Credit: The Guardian

Coca-Cola Life features a new and striking green label unlike the regular coke that has the famous Coca-Cola logo on a red background. The new and healthier cola will come in a 330ml can, 500ml bottle and 1.75L bottle.

To date, the company have not disclosed when Coca-Cola Life will be rolled out globally.

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  • Yes Maam

    Stevia is sprayed with glyphosate ( Roundup) and is allowed up to 1.0 ppm on dried stevia. That does not sound like a lot but studies show .10ppt ( trillion) caused the growth of breast cancer cells. Also .10ppm (million) destroyed gut bacteria in chickens. 166 ppb ( billiob) or .16 ppm was found in breastmilk. Glyphosate is an antibiotic, impacting the immune system, of which 70% is in our gut. Glyphosate weakens the immune system, chelates or draws out vitamins and minerals and is (recognized by the EPA) as an endocrine disruptor, meaning it causes miscarriages and birth defects. This is not “Life”. It is harm and death.

  • xxxgreta

    ppt is parts per thousand, meaning the amount Yes Maam claims to have caused groeth of breast cancer cells is 10,000 times larger that what is sprayed on stevia.