Man claims his ‘rich’ OFW kids neglected him; daughter speaks up

An old man claims his daughters – 2 doctors and 2 nurses living in the US – neglected him after all the sacrifices he made in Saudi just to send them to school, reports The Daily Pedia.  His daughters are Dr. Laarni Flores, Dr. Mic Ng, Sharna Legazpi R.N., and Sheila Cid R.N., the three are in the US while Dr. Mic Ng is in Pinamalayan, Mindoro.

In a viral Facebook post recently made by Pinoy Radio Online going round on social media and various blogs, the man identified as Napoleon Timonera, 73, begs his daughters to send him money so he can buy food.

It turns out this photo was first published sometime late last year and has gone viral. It went viral again quite recently, according to Toongaw.

Man claims his OFW kids neglected him; daughter speaks up
Part of Dr. Mic Ng’s message
Photo credit: Facebook user Anna Deane Calapini/Toongaw

When it first made the rounds on Facebook, a lot of netizens were quick to bash the daughters who, judging from their profession and current locations, were assumed to be well off and able to spare some money for their aging dad who professed to have made sacrifices so they could go to school and be where they are now.

The viral post reached the daughters, prompting one of them to finally reply so they can clear their names.  The daughter, Dr. Mic Ng, revealed that their dad actually has their contact numbers and addresses as can be seen in the photo posted which only proves they were in communication with each other.

Truth is, Dr. Ng says, they had sent him money a number of times and never had they shown neglect despite their old man having lots of mistresses and new kids with these new women.

She went on to disclose that their father kept on demanding more money from them to support his new family; also revealing that his current mistress is actually his fourth one. More over, he would blackmail them when he runs out of funds.

Dr. Ng said she has gone out of her way in behalf of her sisters and have broken her silence because their father’s act has caused them undue humiliation and were unjustly painted as ungrateful kids in the eyes of people who readily accepted his story without delving the truth.

She also revealed their dad was lying about him going to Saudi to send them to school, saying it was her own husband who sent her to school because the old man had abandoned them after taking a mistress.

A lot of people commented on the previous post and on the post made by Pinoy Radio Online, with a certain Alex Andre revealing more “facts” about Timonera.

View the entire post Pinoy Radio Online below, which has been updated to include Dr. Mic’s full message as well as Andre’s supposed “facts”: