Korina Sanchez slammed for controversial Typhoon Ruby comment

PHOTO CREDIT: Screenshot from Starstruck Youtube channel

MANILA, Philippines – ABS-CBN News TV anchor Korina Sanchez is once again embroiled in another controversy after she made a comment regarding Typhoon Ruby.

In the end-credit discussion of the December 3 episode of TV Patrol, the veteran newscaster, Noli de Castro and Ted Failon gave their views regarding the supertyphoon. Sanchez said that Pinoys should pray that Typhoon Ruby or Hagupit (international name) should veer away.

However, Sanchez suggested the entire typhoon to hit only Japan.

Here’s an excerpt of their discussion:

Korina Sanchez : Kaya pa natin idasal yan para lumihis. (Let’s pray that the typhoon will change its direction.)

Noli de Castro: Sana ay hati na lang tayo. Kalahati sa Pilipinas, kalahati sa Japan. (Hopefully half of the typhoon will hit the Philippines, the other half will hit Japan).

Korina: Puwede bang sa kanilang lahat? (Is it possible that the entire typhoon  will just hit Japan?)

Noli: Wag naman. ( Let’s not hope for that.)

Korina: Sa kanila na lang lahat. Parang mas kaya nila.  ( Japan can have the entire typhoon. They can handle it more.)

Her comment enraged many Filipino netizens and quickly became a hot topic on social media. Here are the comments of some annoyed Pinoys:

Facebook user Raul J. de Vera said that “no one has the right to wish ill of another.” He added: “Such an attitude can only attribute to the most ill-educated persons humanity can contribute to any given society. Sad they had a strong influence on the many. Even as a jest, such stupid words should not have been uttered out in the open. How sad.”

Meanwhile, another Facebook user Val Pinlac commented that what Korina did reflects the quality of Philippine journalism.

“Very irresponsible, unreflective, insensitive…Korina seems to be very consistent on these! But she lasted this long in the industry??? Is this not indicative of the kind or quality of the Philippine journalism? Does ABS CBN have any standard? Very unprofessional and unethical!”

An anonymous user noted that Japan was among the first nations who responded during the Yolanda aftermath and that the country has been receiving financial support from Japan through the years. The user suggested that Sanchez as well as  de Castro make a public apology on national TV for their irresponsible comments.

Watch the video here.

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