Animal rights activist: Stop serving ‘balut’ in New York

Photo from Google

A petition seeking to ban ‘balut’ in a restaurant in New York is currently making rounds online after it was filed by an animal rights activist.

“It’s great to hear that Filipino-themed restaurants such as Jeepney Gastropub and Maharlika are making its way to the ever-competitive New York City, but just as Filipino food is starting to gain recognition, an animal rights activist is already keen on taking an iconic Filipino delicacy off the menu!” a report from When In Manila noted.

A balut is a developing duck embryo or fertilized duck egg that is boiled and eaten in the shell. It is commonly sold as streetfood in the Philippines, Wikipedia stated.

Animal rights activist Gabrielle Hardy started the online petition at, aiming to ban the balut from the menu of Maharlika.

“Maharlika, a restaurant in Manhattan, New York is selling what seems to be the strangest food one can possibly eat in the Big Apple. The name of the dish is called balut. It’s essentially a hard boiled egg that contains a partially formed duck fetus inside. In other words, the baby duck has not yet even been born!” Hardy said in her petition.

It was disclosed that a team from ‘Business Insider’ met with restaurant owner Nicole Ponseca, and “learned how to eat and enjoy this dish.” The owner claimed it is delicious and full of vitamins and proteins essential to humans.

Hardy, however, pointed out: “the truth is that this food is disgusting and should not be served in restaurant. I am therefore asking the restaurant to get balut off the menu as soon as possible!”

Hardy also noted that the official name of the food on the menu is “fertilized duck egg with embryo.”

Meanwhile, according to Rappler, the petition aims to gather 5,000 signatures, and so far, it looks like the target has been reached.