Transgender singing trio “Miss Tres” kicks out member

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MANILA, Philippines – For those who are hoping to see the transgender singing trio Miss Tres at the semifinals of the talent search Asia’s Got Talent, “former” member Angel Mistress revealed that sadly, they were not chosen as one of the 24 semifinalists.

Yes, that is correct. She is now a former member. She revealed she was kicked out from the group by the two other members, Miss Dos, Mariko  or Joselito and Miss Tres,  Mia or Romeo.

Angel, who is Conrado in real life and also known as Miss Uno, revealed in an exclusive interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) last Sunday, April 19, at the Discovery Suites that she is now a solo performer after she was kicked out by her former colleagues after almost five years of working together as a trio act.

She said it all began after they had a small misunderstanding over why they were not able to return to Singapore and miss the chance to be chosen as one of Asia’s Got Talent’s semifinalists despite getting four “Yes” votes from the competition’s judges, former Spice Girls member Melanie C., “The Hitman” David Foster, rock icon Anggun and former F4 member Vanness Wu.

The other two members blamed her; claiming that she did not submit the documents needed. But Angel clarified that she did pass a scanned copy of her passport and it was received by the program.

She clarified there was no assurance they would be chosen in the first place since the program did not insist for them to come back.

Mariko and Mia are still working together and have started to look for Angel’s replacement in Miss Tres.

She is no longer hoping for a reconciliation between the three of them and believes it is the right time for her to start a solo career.

Other than promoting her solo singing career, she is also busy working as an events host.

Their Asia’s Got talent performance in March:

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