Alleged ‘Aswang’ attacks, sightings reported in Central Mindanao

Authorities are currently investigating reports on alleged ‘aswang’ attacks and sightings in several towns in Central Mindanao particularly in North Cotabato and Maguindanao. Complaints purportedly lodged by residents in various towns claimed they were attacked by a strange creature that appears like a dog.

As relayed by a certain Datu Habib Sandalan, who sent a picture (shown in this story), the person seen in the photograph was allegedly bitten by the strange creature on the face.

Based on the informant’s story, a huge dog allegedly entered the house of an unidentified married couple and bit them. The couple reportedly believe that the creature that attacked them was not a big dog but an “aswang” that had assumed a canine’s form.

Allegedly, the husband was able to fight off, hack, and get rid of the monstrous creature that mysteriously disappeared in a blink of an eye.

The couple suffered wounds and are currently under observation.

Another close encounter with a mysterious creature that allegedly assumed the form of a ‘black cat’ and which was alleged to have happened in Barangay Tapodok, Aleosan, North Cotabato also surfaced.

Among the victims include a four-year-old boy, a teenager, and two grown persons who were all reportedly bitten by the black feline.

Aleosan police chief Senior Inspector Ariel Milocotones reported that based on gathered information, the “aswang” took the form of a black cat, attacked the victims, and immediately disappeared like a whiff of an air.

While the reports have caused fear and panic among the residents, police advised the people to be more vigilant.

Government agencies like the Department of Health (DOH) are tapped to help and shed light on the matter.

Like what has been traditionally believe, residents have allegedly hung garlands of garlic, which is believed to be the best remedy to scare the “aswang.”

A recent report, on the other hand, stated that the town of Columbia in Sultan Kudarat and Koronadal City in South Cotabato have reported sightings of unknown creatures that residents again interpreted as “aswang.”