Koreans react to photos of Pinoy celebrities

Filipino celebrities are constantly under the scrutiny of the Pinoy public eye. But when a group of Koreans share their thoughts about how they perceive some of this generation’s most popular stars, it sets social media abuzz.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

In a video uploaded on Youtube by Korean Star TV, which has now gained almost 560,000 views and more than 2,800 likes, six Koreans paired up so they can share their opinions about a set of local artists, namely Julia Barretto, Daniel Padilla, Marian Rivera, Kathryn Bernardo, and Liza Soberano. They based their judgment by just looking at their photos.

Out of the five personalities, most of the Koreans picked Liza as the prettiest of the bunch.

As each photo flashed before them, they made comments about how they think these young superstars fare in terms of beauty.

Upon seeing Julia’s image, they were drawn to her dimples as they were reminded of Korean actress, Shin Minah. Although they considered her look pure and kind, they thought that she appears mature for her age.

Just like most teenage girls, they thought Daniel is attractive. They, however, pointed out that his deep double eyelids and height may not exactly be of their taste.

The other half of the popular Kathniel loveteam, Kathryn, was given a thumbs up for her allure, with one of them even calling her “so glamorous”. But, they thought that she is better off with a different make-up style that suits her age more appropriately.

Marian’s flawless face made a huge impression immediately, with the Korean guy even assuming that she is a super model or a Miss Universe contestant.

But as the almost five-minute long clip comes to an end, most of them decided that ‘Forevermore’ leading lady Liza, given her Korean-like features, stood out from the rest.

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