Nur Misuari takes 19-year-old as fifth wife

MANILA, Philippines – The renegade 76-year-old leader of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) has taken a fifth wife who is four times younger than his age, the Manila Bulletin reports.

Nur Misuari is currently in hiding after he was accused by the Philippine government of instigating an armed incursion by trying to declare the Bangsamoro Republic that resulted into the 20-day siege of Zamboanga City in September 2013. The conflict has left at least 100 people dead, including nine innocent civilians and 23 government law enforcers, and more than 100,000 residents displaced.

In a report by Manila Bulletin, Misuari’s new wife supposedly hails from an island in Sulu province and is now pregnant with the MNLF founder’s child. The couple reportedly married five months ago.

“His teenage wife is carrying the MNLF chieftain’s child,” the newspaper source revealed. “Misuari married her some five months back.”

Misuari’s wife number 5 is named in the report as Sherry Rahem, 19. It was not known how the two met since the rogue rebel leader is currently in self-exile and is being pursued by government forces.

Being a Muslim, Misuari is allowed to have as many as four wives as long as he can treat them all fairly and equally.

His other wives are Dr. Eleonora Roaida Tan, Hadja Tarhata Arasad, and Hadja Maimona Palalisan.

At the height of the Zamboanga crisis, Misuari’s second wife Tarhata, who lives then in the city under siege, has to flee to Davao City to seek refuge and help from Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, a close friend of Misuari.

Fearing for their lives, Tarhata and her family said they were under constant surveillance by the military who were tracking down the whereabouts of her husband. Duterte allowed the family to stay in Davao City but refused to disclose their location.

Misuari’s very first wife, Hadja Desdemona Tan, died in Islamabad, Pakistan a decade ago.

Misuari is believed to be still living inside the country, possibly in Sulu, and only shifting from one island to another in an attempt to evade military intelligence.