International male pageant temporarily suspends PH participation

The Mr. Universal Ambassador organizers have decided to temporarily suspend the participation of the Philippine representative until the conflict between the Filipino stakeholders and Mr.Cris Edwin Navarro, the winner of the  Mr. Universal Ambassador Philippines 2015, has been resolved.

A press release has been issued by the Mr. Universal Ambassador and Founder of IMP Organization, Edin Muhammad, on July 16, 2015 on its official website, Mr. Universal Ambassador.

The statement contained the reason why the organizers have come up with the decision. The two reasons given were, to quote:

  1. For a while, we decided to suspend the participation of the Philippines to our pageant. We give time for 14 days for both sides to discuss in order to resolve this matter amicably, ethical, and legal principles adopted in accordance of Philippine society. Therefore, we will nullify the participation of the Philippines by removing the official photo of Mr. Cris Edwin Navarro from our official website
  2. If within 14 days there is no agreement between the two sides, Mister United Continents Organization (Blue Circle Event & Management) has the right to determine this replacement with an official signed letter obviously. While Mr. Cris Edwin Navarro is invited to participate in our contest next year if he has new Philippine National Director who can managed him.

The management gave further explanation stating it does not deny, or oppose the naming of  Mr. Ricardo de Jesus, as Navarro’s replacement, but according to them, “We just want to start our contest with together happiness, and each representative should have the full support of the public from their countries. It is our official decision and we hope to be accepted by all parties.”

The Philippine representative had been dethroned by the organizer from the Philippines, The Mister United Continent Philippines, in an announcement released in their official website on July 14, 2016.

Apparently, Mr. Navarro had been ignoring his commitment to the organization which is a blatant and serious disregard of his role as a title holder, as per the statement from the organizers.

Adding to it, the organizers also stated that not only has he abdicated his title, but they also find his acts as being serious and deliberate in nature; thus leading to his dethronement. Hence, he will not be able to represent the Philippines in the  Mr. Universal Ambassador  2015 pageant which will be held in Indonesia on September 6-16, 2015.

However, Mr. Navarro defended himself in a Facebook post; saying his reason why he has not been able to perform his duties.

In his post, Mr. Navarro wrote, “I would like everyone to know that when we joined this pageant, the 4 winners would get P 100,000 each as cash prize and 25 percent should be given to us initially. From the time we won and up to now, not a single centavo was given to us.”

Mr. Navarro also disclosed, “the same also happened to some of the other winners of our pageant. During that time since we won our titles, we were informed that they would give us schedules on when they would award us our cash prizes but they never did.”

He also explained his reasons as to why he was not able to attend meetings with the organizers; saying, “They would schedule meetings for us with a threat that we would be dethroned if we don’t go to their immediate meetings which so happen that those couple of times, I had a schedule modelling work which I badly need as they were not giving me any financial allowance, not even our deserved cash prizes.”

With these accusations, the organizers explained on their page stating, “For everyone to know also we were fair with Cris Edwin Navarro. It was not just once that he refused to see us. Those times when he said he was busy and he said that his mother was sick we did not dethrone him yet. We gave him a lot of chances; thus we understood him. We all have family issues too and we would understand his side. But when you already need to see your winner and continuously he refuse because of his busy schedule I do not think it is right anymore.”

They also explained the reason why the monetary  prize being questioned has not been received; as they disclosed, “He is saying that he didn’t get his prize yet, how can he get it if he is not there to sign the contract explain to him what his duties and obligations are!”

As organizers, the group remain firm that something can’t be given without a signed contract.