Saudi employer chops off domestic helper’s hand

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  • The right hand of an Indian domestic helper was chopped off by her Saudi Arabian employer
  • She also sustained spinal injuries after jumping from the third floor of her employer’s house
  • Her employer chopped her hand after she complained to Saudi authorities of maltreatment by her employer

An Indian mother of four is fighting for her life in a hospital after her Saudi Arabian employer chopped off her right hand.

Kumar Chellappan shared in an article dated October 9, 2015 and published on The Pioneer that 58-year-old Kashturi Munirathinam went to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to work as a household help only three months ago despite her family’s objections. She believed working abroad is the only way to pay off their mounting debts.

However, according to her son, Kashturi had been complaining since day one that her employer had been mistreating her. 37-year-old Mohan said his mother was given heavy workloads and was forbidden to have phone conversations with her family back home. He said her mother was denied proper food and rest.

The Indian woman’s employer was enraged after she complained to Saudi government officials who were conducting periodic check to ascertain the welfare of domestic helpers of foreign origin. The employer, who was given a warning for ill-treating the household help, retaliated by chopping Kashturi’s right hand.

“Kashturi’s employer was angered after she apprised local officials about the harassment she was facing there, she was not even provided food,” S Vijayakumari, Kashturi’s sister, said.

Kashturi, in trying to escape from her employer’s wrath, reportedly jumped from the third floor of the house where she was employed and sustained spinal injuries.

“She has now been hospitalized in Riyadh and is in a serious condition, our appeal is please bring her back home immediately and help in her treatment,” S Vijayakumari appealed to the Indian government.

Kashturi’s case is now being investigated by the Saudi Investigation Bureau.

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