Duterte admits he’s a womanizer, likens running PH to maintaining his mistresses

Photo Credit: Rappler/Manila Bulletin
  • Unabashed mayor admits he has “two wives and two girlfriends”
  • He likens running PH economy to the way he divides his time between his women
  • He emphasizes he does his womanizing on his own time though

MANILA, Philippines – He’s a ladies’ man, and he’s not afraid to show it.

At a concert in Taguig City on Sunday, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte unabashedly proclaimed his fondness for the opposite sex and revealed he had “two wives and two girlfriends.”

“If you ask me, ‘What are your credentials?  What can you show the Philippines? We heard you are a womanizer. [I will answer] That’s correct, I have a wife, I have a second wife,’” Rappler quoted him as saying.

Duterte has an ex-wife, Elizabeth Zimmerman, and currently lives in with Honeylet  Avancena, a nurse, together with their daughter Veronica.

“I have two girlfriends,” he continued. “You want me for president? You need to know who I really am.”

The mayor added the younger of his two girlfriends works at the cosmetics section of a mall in his city while the other one is a cashier.

Running The Economy, Doing It On His Own Time

While candid to share details about his love life, Duterte was quick to stress he does not use government money to fund his lifestyle. Neither does he peddle his influence to get his women favors.

He said he once rejected his younger girlfriend’s request to get her a secondhand car from Davao’s Toyota branch as he was close to the manager.

“I told her ‘No, because what trips will we use it for anyway? I just pick you up from your boarding house, we go inside a motel, and we only do short time,’” he quipped.

As for running the economy, Duterte said a good leader should know how to divide his time managing the country just like the way he does with his lovers.

“They are not in a house or condominium or subdivision, they stay in boarding houses, they get P1,500  month,” he said. “That’s all I can afford, I can’t touch my salary for that because that is for my family.”

As for the presidency, Duterte said he will have to rely on “vitamins” to give him the energy he needs.

“You can’t f*** the presidency,” he said. “I will take vitamins and all that is needed to be taken.”