Gov’t workers to get increase in their travel allowance from P800 to P2,000

  • Government officials and employees will receive additional travelling allowance
  • From P800, travel allowance will then be increased to P2,000
  • Adoption of the new law will apply to all state workers regardless of rank and destination

An increase on the travel allowance of government officials and employees will soon be implemented from P800 to P2,000.

“The present travel allowance was based upon the prevailing market prices during the time it was crafted and does not truly reflect the current fiscal situation of the economy,” Rep. Catalina G. Leonen-Pizarro (Partylist ABS) was quoted in an article published by InterAksyon on January 25.

The prices of basic commodities in 2004 have changed, and the real value of the amount of travel expenses worth P800 is not the same as it is today,” Pizarro disclosed.

In addition, Pizarro, who authored House Resolution 2261, cited it is the “responsibility of the government to provide travel allowance to its officials and employees in fulfillment of their duties and functions.”

Under Executive Order 298, government officials and employees are given P800 travel allowance regardless of rank and destination.

The new law, however, requires that the 50 percent of the travel allowance of government officials and workers will be allotted to hotel and lodging while 30 percent shall be utilized for meals.

Pizarro also pointed out that the remaining 20 percent of the P800 travel allowance should be allotted for incidental expenses.

The increase in travel allowance shall be allocated to hotel and lodging, P600 for meals and P400 for incidental expenses, Pizarro said.

Meanwhile, Pizarro said the travel allowance is also subject to reduction depending on the time of arrival at the place of destination and departure from such destination.