Mon Tulfo defends Pacquiao, tells gays societal tolerance no license to impose their norms on majority

Photo Credit: Ramon Tulfo/Manny Pacquiao
  • Columnist defends Manny Pacquiao
  • He says while society is now more tolerant of LGBT, it doesn’t mean they can impose their norms at will
  • He calls on them to stop flouting their homosexuality because it’s repulsive to the majority

MANILA, Philippines – “Please do not display your homosexuality like a badge of honor because it’s not.”

Coming to the defense of Manny Pacquiao whom he said was just speaking his mind, columnist Ramon Tulfo reminded the LGBT community that although they live in a society more tolerant and understanding of their existence, that doesn’t give them the license to impose their norms on the majority of Filipinos who are heterosexual.

“You cannot and should not impose your homosexual norms on a society which is still “primitive” by your standards,” he said on his column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. “If you can’t stand our primitive society that frowns upon same-s*x marriage, you should migrate to the United States and Europe where most states now allow same-s*x marriage.”

As proof that society tolerates their existence but does not condone homosexuality, Tulfo pointed to the dismal performance of the Ang Ladlad party-list group in the elections.

“The public loves gays because, well, they’re happy and gay. Gays make good entertainers and beauticians. Many of them are talented and intelligent. But has the LGBT party-list group ever won in any elections? No. Why? Because our society still can’t accept homosexuality as normal, pardon my saying so,” he said.

The columnist also advised LGBTs to keep their intimate acts to themselves to avoid alienating the majority of Filipinos.

“But being tolerant doesn’t mean our society encourages same-s*x marriage or passionate kissing between two men or two women in the open. If most Filipinos are scandalized by straight couples kissing passionately in public, more so gay couples petting in public. They find the latter an abomination. Please do your thing in the privacy of your bedroom,” he said.