Mon Tulfo defends Pacquiao, tells gays societal tolerance no license to impose their norms on majority

Photo Credit: Ramon Tulfo/Manny Pacquiao
  • Columnist defends Manny Pacquiao
  • He says while society is now more tolerant of LGBT, it doesn’t mean they can impose their norms at will
  • He calls on them to stop flouting their homosexuality because it’s repulsive to the majority

MANILA, Philippines – “Please do not display your homosexuality like a badge of honor because it’s not.”

Coming to the defense of Manny Pacquiao whom he said was just speaking his mind, columnist Ramon Tulfo reminded the LGBT community that although they live in a society more tolerant and understanding of their existence, that doesn’t give them the license to impose their norms on the majority of Filipinos who are heterosexual.

“You cannot and should not impose your homosexual norms on a society which is still “primitive” by your standards,” he said on his column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. “If you can’t stand our primitive society that frowns upon same-sex marriage, you should migrate to the United States and Europe where most states now allow same-sex marriage.”

As proof that society tolerates their existence but does not condone homosexuality, Tulfo pointed to the dismal performance of the Ang Ladlad party-list group in the elections.

“The public loves gays because, well, they’re happy and gay. Gays make good entertainers and beauticians. Many of them are talented and intelligent. But has the LGBT party-list group ever won in any elections? No. Why? Because our society still can’t accept homosexuality as normal, pardon my saying so,” he said.

The columnist also advised LGBTs to keep their intimate acts to themselves to avoid alienating the majority of Filipinos.

“But being tolerant doesn’t mean our society encourages same-sex marriage or passionate kissing between two men or two women in the open. If most Filipinos are scandalized by straight couples kissing passionately in public, more so gay couples petting in public. They find the latter an abomination. Please do your thing in the privacy of your bedroom,” he said.

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  • katipunero

    nice one idol! kita eh

  • uncommonsensibility

    And no one should impose your misogyny on the majority of the population of women too. Interesting how homophobes share the same thread of reasoning.

    Though I am wagering that the Tulfo bros. are potentially closeted. It is ridiculous how they keep affirming their masculinity especially when it isn’t needed nor asked of them.

    • Defendingthedefenseless

      I’m guessing you are a homosexual…Or closeted too…??? Okay, see how I did to you what you just did to Tulfo and his brothers? It’s not nice diba. You’re probably fired up now, aren’t you… Voice your opinion about the topic at hand, but don’t say such ugly things about people you don’t even know (personally) or have proof of. Who’s looking ridiculous now?…Peace bro!

      • uncommonsensibility

        You assume that a person who defends equality for homosexuals is also a homosexual? That’s stupid as it is irrelevant.

        That’s almost like saying that if I advocate for racial equality during the civil rights movement or railed against apartheid, that would make be black.

        The Tulfo’s are public personalities, they are fair game. They are misogynistic, macho wannabes, with fluffed up personas who, in reality, apparently couldn’t take a punch.

        Their defenders, as you have demonstrated, are simplistic buffoons also insecure of their masculinity.

        • DefendingTheDefenseless

          Exactly, what you said, stupid and irrelevant. That’s why I wrote above, “see how I did to you what you just did to Tulfo,” to make you see. Tulfo’s opinion may be on the opposite side but you assumed he is closeted. Irrelevant… and stupid, your own words.

          • uncommonsensibility

            The difference between public personalities and LGBTQ individuals is tha the latter are vulnerable to all sorts of atrocities.

            Tulfo will play to masculine bravado when it suits him, and excuse himself for being blindsided because he was unable to back it up.

  • Jellyboy

    Why you and the part time pastor, part time congressman, boxer are so hard on gays?I am not gay but I do respect the rights of the LGBT. We are all equal and the only difference is that their behaviour is different from yours and mine. As long as their behaviour conforms with the laws of the land you should let them live their own lives. Pastor Manny is a member of Philippine Congress and do you know the other term for Congress in urban dictionary? its called group of Baboons. They are vicious worst than other animal;s, The Pastor-Congressman should train his guns instead on these Baboons.

    • Rafael Rodrigo

      basahin mo yan nakasulat sa bible jellyboy…

      • Jellyboy

        Binasa ko and I leave the judgement to God. Ganyan din ang paniwala ng mga ISIS militants and took it upon themselves to judge and look whats happening to Iraq and Syria. . in the new testament: “Jesus said to his disciples: “You have heard that it was said, You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I say to you, love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your heavenly Father for he makes his sun rise on the bad and the good, and causes rain to fall on the just and the unjust. St Matthew 5:43

    • Renzo Junkzz

      There’s nothing wrong on what he said, he just pointed out that the LGBT community should know where they stand and analyze the situation better. They are acting like their social status is just as normal as others. In reality they are not and in on some people acceptance takes time and they should be patient if they want to achieve their goal. The problem with them is that they wanted to be treated equally, but when you voice out your opinion against them then they start acting like a bunch of mistreated cats. They are forcing people to accept them, which is wrong, tsk tsk.

      • Jellyboy

        What pastor manny said was dangerously wrong. His opinion dangerously borders on hate crime. The statement incites extremisms and may provoke extremists to do harm, as he is known to be an influential world athlete

  • Rafael Rodrigo

    para sa mga komuntr,,,basahin niyo ang nakasulat sa bible,,,

    • dftysrtysrty

      so i dare you, christians.. just try killing a gay simply because he/she’s gay. pakisubukan lang

  • Joe

    So people with disabilities, people covered with tattoos, little people, people with deformities and other unique people that don’t fit the norm shouldn’t be proud of themselves because they are not part of the majority of Filipinos?

    • Renzo Junkzz

      Really? Your comparing homosexuality to these things? Disability,dwarfism and physical deformity are medical conditions, tattoos are preferences and FYI all people are unique. so really? your classifying LGBT people along with these groups?

      • Echo

        He does not know the word “GENDER.” Please do understand him.

        • Joe

          I’m not talking about gender you close-minded fool. All I am saying is that Tulfo said that minorities like homosexuals should not be proud of who they are. Aren’t the groups I mentioned part of the minority too? I am talking about equality between humans beings. All of us has a right to live and be happy, don’t you think?

          • graph

            How come you’re like the only one asking this question when everybody can easily understand what Sir Mon said? He’s talking about homosexuals, GAYS, NOT PWD, etc. The title is very clear sir. Please read again.

            The article is clear so don’t and stop confusing yourself.

          • Joe

            Because I am not a sheep. I have a mind of my own and I don’t need people to tell me how to think. If you are happy being part of the flock, then go ahead knock yourself out. I pity people like yourself, people who needs to conform to feel secure about his place in society.

          • Echo

            You’re definitely taking the issue out of context. Just like the issue with Pacquiao having dinner with the LGBTs.
            And also maybe you should pity yourself for not being able to understand simple statements.

          • boing

            This is exactly what Mr. Tulfo is referring to – you calling someone who doesn’t share your opinion as a “close-minded fool”. I, too, believe in equality but you simply cannot demand sudden shift in principle to millions of people who, for a very long time, have upheld a strict culture of heterosexuality. As Mr. Renzo Junkzz mentioned in his comment below, “acceptance takes time” and understanding. So instead of hating, why don’t you be more understanding lol. I have gay friends too btw

      • Joe

        They are people, not things.

        • boing

          By “things” I think he was referring to the “medical conditions, preferences” part, not the people who have them.

    • Mathew Nepomuceno

      Joe you got it all wrong there :). Im not defending anyone here but comparing LGBT’s to PWD’s is not gonna get you anywhere.

      • Joe

        Did I make a comparison, PLEASE point it out to me. I am simply talking about equality between people. People who are not part of the majority, Pinoys who should receive the same freedom as regular folks. Just because we are not like them (the minority) doesn’t mean we have more rights to freedom, like being proud of who we are.

        • Mathew Nepomuceno

          Please re-read your comment and tell me your not 🙂

          • Joe

            I know what I posted, I was just making it easier for you to understand where I am coming from. But I guess it’s pointless trying to explain to you since your role model is a basketball-playing singing pastor and absentee politician. “You know?”

          • wewka

            all hail this great person..for his knowledge is so vast it makes the sea look like a puddle of water 🙂

          • Mathew Nepomuceno

            you don’t know what you posted thats for sure. This is what you said “So people with disabilities, people covered with tattoos, little people,
            people with deformities and other unique people that don’t fit the norm
            shouldn’t be proud of themselves because they are not part of the
            majority of Filipinos?” How come people with disabilities has been mentioned? Are LGBT people are people with disabilities? So you consider being an LGBT as a disability? Understand what you write sir don’t just hit the enter button. That’s why I told you you’ve got it all wrong at the beginning.

        • leonard

          Joe, I suggest you eat some peanuts. It’s brain food, so you can understand what the subject is all about.

    • Someone

      Ok ka lang sir??

      • warheed

        Mukhang hindi.

        • 55grey

          Oo nga, mukhang hindi.

    • Dayne

      To simplify the article para mas magets mo, it only points out how a majority of our current society still can’t accept homosexuality as normal but that doesn’t mean we condemn gay people being gays, lesbians being lesbians etc. kasi they can be who they want to be and they too are normal people. Kung baga mas feel lang talaga nila sa sarili nilang ganun sila eh, straight people are not to judge them kasi you are what you make yourself to be as long as you’re happy with that.

      Sayo na nanggaling yan kasi wala naman akong nakitang part sa article na inimply yang about PWD, Tattooed, Little People, and with deformities.

      • Joe

        I am talking about the majority and minority of people in our society and how Tulfo views the “norm”. By saying that a certain group of people is “repulsive” to the majority means that anything that is out of the norm or not part of the majority should be kept hidden? That’s what Tulfo was saying. Gets mo?


          crazy! being disabled and having deformities does not make one a minority. where did you even get that?

        • 55grey

          Don’t you agree with Tulfo that if a man wants to do it with another man, they better do it discreetly? Repulsive naman talagang tignan, at pag pinagpilitan mong gawin yan sa labas ng bahay mo, you will be charged with public scandal.

          • Pinoy Genio

            So babae’t lalake puwedeng magkantutan sa publiko at ang mga bakla hindi? Parehong repulsive yan.

          • 55grey

            Masyado namang advance ang iniisip mo which reflected in what you wrote, Genio. I commented on the context of the article of Tulfo, wherein he was referring to gay couples kissing in public. If couples do it all the way in public and I don’t refer to gays alone but the public at large, hindi lang repulssive yan, kahayopan na yan.

      • Mang Tomas

        nobody is condemningn the hiomosexual, its just the kind forceful bullying you homosexual do, to people that speaks their opinion is whats making people think twice about supporting your disgusting lifestyle

    • Julius Dela Cruz

      an argument from a smartass.

    • leonard

      Ay naku Joe. . .masyado ka nang lumalayo. Just stick to the subject please.

      • Pinoy Genio

        Lahat nalang ba sayo lumalayo sa topic? They are using what is called ANALOGY.

        Use common sense please.

    • dftysrtysrty

      because only healthy brown straight poor uneducated christian filipinos ought to be served and protected by the government daw

  • Natt Cha


    • dftysrtysrty

      1 timothy 2:11-12. bye

  • InquiringEye


  • Carmen Lapuz

    For some, if you cannot hold your emotions, mind setting for being gays please do it by being discreet at least you will not drag some innocent minds to be corrupted. Really God’s word is a double edged sword that could pierce deeply into one’s heart and mind and if you are the ones being cut by it surely you will be hurt. But being hurt does not mean your are condemned but you are given a chance to think about it , and hopefully be enlightened. God is a loving God which reprimands anyone who has gotten out of his righteous ways.

  • Jose Rommel D. Racimo

    Mr. Mon Tulfo sir, ang balita po ay taga Channel 5 yun reporter na nag-post ng edited news na nagtrending.. maaari po ba sir paki-verify since ang mga Tulfo brothers po ay nanunungkulan sa nasabng istasyon. Marami pong salamat.. ako po ay matagal na ninyong fan.. more power po and God bless you always.

  • Jun-jun Ine

    Mr. Joe…i think your far enough what we’re really have here…just stay on the topic which you can easily understand,the bottomline is that madami ka sinasali kaysa tattoo,pwd etc…if your againts to manny’s opinion so be it,thats an opinion lang ng isang tao but may katotohanan that we cant deny the facts kaya may nagrereact at may basis naman…now if you want talaga mag express ng idea mo,you’re free to do that but make sure relate sa pinag uusapan…ang dami mo kasi sinasali kaya gumugulo ang usapan and naguguluhan yun nagbabasa…simple as math kung ano ang problem,yun lang ang hanapan ng equation para masolve…simple as that..

    • Oliver Rojo

      Sa tingin ko hindi naman siguro lumayo si Mr Tulfo sa topic. He defended Pacquiao by saying that “he was just speaking his mind”.”Mr Tulfo did not elaborate on this. In this article, Mr. Tulfo expresses other concerns of LGBT which he finds disturbing.

  • marilyn

    Mr. Tulfo is absolutely right and this is the truth in our society….

  • Ronald Dino

    Ang channel 5 ang nagtangal ng huling bahagi ng sagot ni manny na “I am not condemning them” para mag away away, bulok talaga yang istasyon na yan!

  • Jane Lacson

    Agree. But Sir totoo po ba na taga Channel 5 nag edit sa sagot ni Manny na “I am not condemning them?

  • a1phantom

    Totally agree…..what used to be right is now wrong….what used to be wrong is now right….what happened to the God fearing filipinos…..we got corrupted by the liberal americans…..shame on the filipinos

    • Pinoy Genio

      segregating blacks from whites used to be right, now it’s wrong. You want the old ways back?

      • leonard

        That’s already racism Genio. Just stick to the subject.

      • 55grey

        Off tangent ang comment mo, Genio. Yung mga pinaglaban ng mga blacks, walang kinlaman yan sa kabaklaan at katomboyan.

  • Maria Teresita Arias-Magay Vil

    Love this so much, Mon Tulfo!

  • Jing Casamayor

    Nailed it Mr. Tulfo.

  • Io Santiago

    if your morality is based upon the doctrine of your religion, then practice it inside your church. secularism is instated in our constitution, that means you should hold your horses down and stop influencing the government to do its job of giving equal rights to its people regardless on their gender. remember they also pay taxes as like as other straight people do. your church should know its boundary and that includes your own sense of morality inspired by your religion.

    • mjtnt

      if your justifying your wrong acts by disregarding or abandoning your religion, then just do it silently!!

    • Mang Tomas

      ) the foundation of civilized society is morality,a strong foundation of a family is also morality…and both are not necessarily base on religion.. .

      2) do have equal rights protection..what you people want is special rights and that is never going to happen…

    • 55grey

      So what’s your point, are you saying that secularists are devoid of morals?
      If you, however, think that they do have morality, from whom was it derived from; Before you even talk of morality, shouldn’t you have to acknowledge that there is a moral law giver?

    • JR

      Religion ALWAYS has a way of getting itself tangled in political and societal issues, they want their voices to be heard. However, these religious institutions are not willing to pay taxes like everybody else to that same society they are trying to influence.

  • Mang Tomas

    KABABAYAN KO…the anti-discrimination bill is exactly like the same bill here in the US ,that was quietly muscled into law….but here is an example of what that law will bring—,

    if passed,it can and will make a criminal out of good people who only wants to follow the laws of GOD and morality….

    i have seen and watched how they bankrupt business owners ,jailed good,hardworking honest people who are small business owners (bakery), it happened when they politely refuse to take part of a gay wedding, because she is a christian–and because of that law, she was criminally charge for discrimination,lost her business,lost their home, and she even have to pay the gay couple hundreds of thousands of dollars —

    that law/bill,was being made to attack all faiths that have had a thousand years standing oppostion to homsexual behaviour …

    those people worked all their lives,only to lose everything for doing what is right– the LGBT who are less than 1% in our country wants to pass a law that will force religious majority to hide or stop practicing their faith all because it offends the sexual deviants….-is that even democracy??

    that is why they wont bring that bill to the people for a vote ,because they know they will loose

    at eto—pag nakapag sagutin ka sa bakla at tinawag mo shang bakla,…pag pumasa ang batas na yan?? that will be crime at yung baklang yun..pwede ka ng kasuhan … ikulong at bigyan ng criminal record…..hindi ka na makakuha ng NBI clearance at passport…pag ganun
    kaya kababayan ko.please study that bill carefully–it is evil and a trojan horse…panay ang sabi ng manga bakla na they only want to be treated equally…but they want to make a special law and get special rights,only because they are sexual deviant–hipocrito at bully ang LGBT and they must be stop

    • Robert Eckert

      The bakery was fined for putting the private contact information of the customers they refused and insulted out on social media asking people to harass them and send death threats.

    • dftysrtysrty

      hipocrito at bully ang mga kristiyano and they must be stop

  • Maybe_this

    This man reasons just like his siblings – from his homophobic, self-righteous, and hollow skull. The LGBTQ is not asking for tolerance, moron. As if they owe their rights to you. Their human rights, like yours, are inherent in them. I can only pray that none of your kids is gay. Or I pity the violence he will receive from you and your ilk daily.

    • andrew

      What “right” are you talking about? God said homosexuality is sin. So we cannot allow same-sex marriage. It is NOT a right. It is WRONG. Be gay if you want BUT do not sin.

      • Maybe_this

        Your god? This is not a theocracy but a democracy. You put up your own country where only you and those like you pay the taxes to support your faith. Meantime, so long as I PAY TAXES PROBABLY MORE THAN YOU, don’t impose your god concepts on me. And study theology before you embrace your ancient concepts that are wrong!

        • andrew

          Paying taxes does NOT mean you can do anything.

      • dftysrtysrty

        ‘homosexuality is sin’, but ‘Be gay if you want BUT do not sin’? how much more inconsistent can you get?

  • kawilui

    Tulfo and the rest of his family don’t mean shi! to us… shut up!

  • Bradzie Onairam

    Tama naman si Tulfo. Minsan pag nakakakita ka ng naghahalikan na M2M parang babaligtad ang sikmura mo at ayaw mo tignan. Pero hindi ko sila kinokondena.

  • cecille

    I agree with you Tulfo

  • leubas

    ngayon lang ako nag agree kay Mon,,,,mabuhay ka Tol!

  • andrew

    Thank youTulfo.

  • dftysrtysrty

    all here who agree with tulfo are the same religious bigots

  • JR

    I agree with Tulfo on this one. Why provoke a society that is not yet that open to the LGBT concept? If these people want to flaunt their sexuality, they should go to “more open” societies. It all boils down to respect and decorum, acting appropriately around others.

    Now, to those troglodytes who keep dragging religion as a way to discredit the plight of the LGBT community. PLEASE STOP this nonsense, it doesn’t help your cause! ALL religions were created by men to benefit their own interests/biases. Religion is only good when it promotes happiness and peace of mind, not to support a political view or be prejudiced.

    Be spiritual without being religious. Be compassionate but always ask for evidence.