UK Woman says her El Nido vacation were the worst days of her life

Screenshot from Youtube
  • Elayne Peddy from the United Kingdom shared on YouTube her ‘horrible’ experience while staying in El Nido, Palawan
  • She said she felt bullied for four days because of the locals who called her names, pointed and laughed at her
  • She vowed not to set foot in the Philippines ever again

A woman from the United Kingdom went emotional in her video blog as she shared what happened during her two week stay in the Philippines.

Elayne Peddy, in her video posted on YouTube, said she has gotten back from a visit to the country and has decided to share to her fans and followers her experience particularly during her four-day stay in El Nido, Palawan.

“My experience in the Philippines is not that great. The whole experience has changed me a little bit,” she said; describing her vacation in the island as the “worst days of her entire life.”

She said the Philippines is undoubtedly beautiful with its scenery, its blue and clear waters. She even described the country like it’s a paradise. However, her experience with the locals made her think the Philippines, however beautiful, is not for her.

“I was called a fat ugly monkey, just big fat black girl,” she went on to say. Because of the name calling, and people pointing and laughing at her, she said she have never felt so unattractive.

Peddy added that one woman at a shop grabbed her stomach and blurted out, “fat, fat.” On another account, she said a local driver asked her to pay twice the price of the fare because she was fat.

“When a whole group of people turn, laugh and point at you, my confidence disintegrated into pieces,” she said.

She said she felt like she was being bullied for four days that resulted for her not wanting to leave the hotel room. Meanwhile, she said she has not encountered any problems when she went to other places like Cebu but her stay in El Nido made her doubt herself.

Peddy vows not to set foot in the Philippines again.

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