Maria Ozawa denies fling with Cesar Montano: I was just joking around during the interview

Photo Credit: Maria Ozawa
  • Retired Japanese adult film actress issues statement on her Facebook
  • She denies having slept with Montano
  • She says she was just having fun with the topic during her interview with DJ Mo Twister
  • She also says she’s learned her lesson, won’t joke around with a sensitive topic again

MANILA, Philippines – Well, that de-escalated quickly.

Amid the buzz her interview with DJ Mo Twister generated on social media, retired Japanese adult film actress Maria Ozawa has come forward to categorically deny sleeping with Filipino actor Cesar Montano.

On her Facebook, Ozawa issued a statement saying she was just joking about having a one-night stand with Montano during her interview on DJ Mo Twister (Mohan Gumatay)’s podcast “Good Times With Mo.”

“I saw the news earlier but it was a j/k and [I]was just having fun w/ the whole topic, maybe more like flurting (sic) w/ the questions that MO was asking me because I though[t] it would a be good enter[t]ainment for the show but now it’s breaking my heart b/c of what the media is saying,” she wrote.

Ozawa also said she has now learned her lesson and will not joke around with a sensitive topic again.

“Now I know…Learned a lesson. Nvr (sic) j/k around with a sensative (sic) topic,” she wrote.

Ozawa, Montano’s leading lady in the horror movie “Nilalang”, was prodded several times by Gumatay during the interview whether she slept with Montano or not.

After answering yes, Ozawa gave even more intimate details about her supposed encounter with the actor at the urging of Gumatay.

News of her interview broke all over the internet, with many praising Montano and describing him as a real ninja, Hokage, etc.

At the same time, some also condemned the actor for fooling around and urged him to think of the welfare of his children with actress Sunshine Cruz.

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