Designer makes world-class artworks from indigenous and recyclable materials; helps underprivileged people

Image capture from Trendliness's report.
  • Noel Tañada and wife Michelle makes world class designs from indigenous and recyclable materials
  • Their furniture designs help underprivileged citizens through giving them jobs
  • Tañada want to share the skills to the Filipinos to make their own furniture designs in the future

A man with a great vision, Noel Tañad,a and his wife Michelle through EcoHomeArt and Tanglaw make world class designs from indigenous and recyclable materials; helping underprivileged citizens through giving them jobs and sharing a part of their income to a foundation.

Tañada decided to bring his furniture designs to the Philippines after his wife told him about water hyacinth materials in the Philippines, and after checking it he finally decided to migrate to the country and started designing.

His designs help nature through using water hyacinth as materials — which helps unclog rivers.

He provides jobs by paying weavers from underprivileged communities, and buying his materials from the folks.

The man said his mission is to share to the Filipino people that they have the material, show them what they can design from it, what they can come up with, and make their own furniture design in the future.

He said his designs were inspired from America and Italy, and he brought all the knowledge he learned in the country.

The furniture designer also mentioned that a percentage on items bought via EcoHomeArt will be given to a foundation.

Tañada, who’s been designing in the country for more than a year, said he donated a solar power unit for the poor people in Albay for light since they have been left out in terms of development.

His story has been broadcasted via ABS-CBN News Channel’s Trendliness. Watch the whole TV report below: