Amazing Boss! Foreign employer raises funds for her Filipina maid

Image posted on GIVEasia
  • A Singaporean woman set up a fund raising page online to help her Filipina maid
  • Her maid suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and will be needing as much as $86,000 for hospital expenses and recovery
  • The page GIVEasia has now accepted $47,184 worth of pledges

A Singaporean woman is currently raising money to help her Filipino maid in the medical expenses and recovery after suffering hemorrhagic stroke.

Dora Sern posted the condition of her maid Felicidad Muna Mico on crowdfunding site GIVEasia.

According to Sern’s post, they are aiming to raise as much as $49,600 for Mico. They estimated that Mico will need $86,000 for her medical and other expenses when recovering. They reduced the amount to raise because Mico is entitled there to a foreign domestic insurance of $10,000.

“Since Felice will need full time care (to be provided by her 26-year old daughter Izelmae), neither will be able to earn a living for 6 months to a year. We need to raise some money to provide for daily necessities for Felice, Izelmae and Felice’s 2 granddaughters, said Sern.

Mico was found unconscious on the sofa of Sern’s residence last October 27, then she was rushed to a hospital and was admitted to the ICU.

“She was diagnosed as having suffered a hemorrhagic stroke with massive bleeding in the left brain,”  Sern wrote.

Mico, now a grandmother of two children, had been working for Sern’s family for 25 years.

“Actually, Felice has become far more to us that just a domestic helper – she is an integral part of my family,” she wrote on the page.

This year, Mico renewed another two-year contract with Sern’s family but told her it will be her last since she needs to take care of her grandchildren for their mother to be able to fly overseas and work.

As of posting, the donation page has achieved $47,359 worth of pledges.

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