Dragon Ball Cafes open in Japan as cartoon’s 30th anniversary

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  • Dragon Ball Cafes have opened in three different locations in Japan
  • This is part of promoting the cartoon’s 30th anniversary celebration
  • Fans can buy Dragon Ball-themed food items and merchandise in these special shops

Fans of the popular Japanese cartoon Dragon Ball now have more reasons to travel to the Land of the Rising Sun, as three different Dragon Ball Cafes have opened in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the iconic manga series.

The cartoon-themed cafes are located in three different locations in Japan, and celebrates anything and everything about the popular cartoon which stars Son Goku, Bulma, Master Roshi, among others.

The opening of these special coffee shops is part of the overall marketing and promotion for the anime’s anniversary. In addition to specially themed food items, customers can also purchase merchandise from the hit TV series that made the franchise popular around the world.

Among the items in the menu include specially-designed coffee that feature the famous dragon ball icon, drinks and dessert with art pieces featuring the show’s characters, and specially-named dishes and drinks such as Yamcha’s Spaghetti, Vegeta Salad, and Goku’s Flying Nimbus Cloud.

Other special items on sale include memorabilia such as mugs, shirts, tote bags, stickers, among others that also include characters and designs from the ongoing Dragon Ball Super, which is the direct sequel of Dragon Ball Z.

Visitors can go to any of the shops at the Tower Records Cafe in Omotesando in Tokyo, Shibuya, and in the Umeda district in Osaka, as Kotaku previously reported.

However, these shops will only be running until November 30 so fans are encouraged to grab this unique opportunity.

See more at db30th.com
See more at db30th.com

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