FVR calls Marcos burial an insult to Armed Forces

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  • Former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos said he felt bad about the surprise burial of the late Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani
  • He called the Marcos burial an insult to AFP
  • He reiterated that there was an agreement in 1993 that the remains of Marcos will be flown  from Hawaii directly to Ilocos Norte and that it should be buried in the same province

“It was an insult, a trivialization of the role the sacrifices of our Armed Forces, Coast Guard, veterans, retired, active.”

This was the statement of former President Fidel Ramos following the surprise burial of the late Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, an article published by GMA News mentioned.

In stating this, Ramos noted that the surprise burial of Marcos was an insult to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP); further stressing that he “felt very bad” about what happened and so were the veterans and members of the AFP.

As such, Ramos even showed in a press conference copies of the signed agreement entered into by his administration and the Marcos family in 1993 wherein the signatories of the agreement were then Interior Secretary Rafael Alunan III for the government and former first lady Imelda Marcos.

Ramos reiterated that based on the agreement, the remains of the late dictator will be flown from Hawaii directly to Ilocos Norte and that it should be buried in the same province.

As regards the Supreme Court’s decision, Ramos cited the part where the tribunal said it disagrees with the petitioners’ claim that Marcos was “dishonorably discharged” through the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution.

“Kung kakalimutan ‘yun o iismolin o binabalewala ‘yan (EDSA People Power Revolution), para mong binabalewala ‘yung paghihirap, pagsisikap, kontribusyon ng mga sundalo at mga pulis kagaya namin,” he was quoted in an earlier interview.

[If that will be forgotten or belittled (EDSA People Power Revolution), you are setting aside the hardships, sacrifices, the contribution of the soldiers and policemen like us.]

Ramos, a former military official, played a pivotal role in the 1986 uprising that saw the end of Marcos’ decades-old regime.

In addition to what he said, Ramos stressed that the Marcos family should also return to the public coffers their ill-gotten wealth; adding that during his term as president, the government was able to recover the Swiss deposits of the Marcoses.

He cited that the Marcos family could use the money to do humanitarian deeds.

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  • JasminCubacub

    Uncle Eddie, hinde ko pa po kalimutan na it was a scenario played under the motivation of Ronald Reagan’s government.. I don’t understand why you are talking about it now. You atoned for your sins, and I believe that Andy would have resented and regretted for his sins. Basta tapos na yan.. do not try to open up the wounds that are getting dry..