German hostage of Abu Sayyaf pleads for help

Image capture of video by Abu Sayyaf via Facebook

• The German captive of the Abu Sayyaf Group pleaded for help
• In a video, Jeurgen Kantner, urged the Philippine and German governments to help raise the ransom demanded by the bandits
• The bandits are reportedly demanding P500 million in exchange for Kantner’s freedom

A video of the German hostage of the Abu Sayyaf Group briefly circulated online, showing the captive asking for help.

Inquirer notes that the video briefly circulated on Facebook. It showed Jeurgen Kantner urging the Philippine and German governments to raise the amount being demanded by his abductors.

The voice of the bandits’ spokesman, Muammar Askali also known as Abu Rahmi, can be heard in the background, prodding Kantner to speak before the camera.

Askali, who noticed Kantner was not giving them his correct details, said they are giving their captive a chance to contact his relatives.

“He said he was never kidnapped, and that he was not the person kidnapped in Somalia in 2008,” Askali said, referring to an earlier report by Agence France-Presse that said the German national was abducted by Somali pirates in 2008.

Saying they monitor online news, Askali warned that they will not have second thoughts on inflicting harm to Kantner if he will be caught lying again.

“We hate lying. If we found this German citizen lying to us, we will not have second thoughts about hurting him. We monitor online news,”Askali warned.

Askali said they will call local and international media outfits to announce the deadline for paying the ransom. He then addressed the German government: “We hold your citizen captive and it is permitted in Islam to take his blood and life.”

The Abu Sayyaf is reportedly asking for P500 million in exchange for Kantner’s freedom.

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  • Same boat. Same wife ….. ????


    Jurgen Kantner, kidnapped from his sailboat by Somalia pirates in 2008, baffled locals by returning to the scene of the crime to retrieve his beloved sailboat.
    The residents of Berbera, a Somali port in the pirate-infested Gulf of Aden, called then 62-year-old Jurgen Kantner “the mad German sailor.”

    On 23 June 2008, Kantner and his wife Sabine Merz were steering their modest sailing yacht through Somali waters when armed pirates captured them and brought them ashore to a mountain hideout. After being subjected to deprivations and mock executions during their 52-day hostage ordeal, the pair were back in what is considered one of the most dangerous countries on the planet to reclaim their ship, the Rockall.

    “My boat is my life and I don’t want to lose her, nothing more. I don’t care about pirates and governments,” Kantner said while taking a break from his repair work in Berbera, the main port in Somaliland.

    European tourists are few and far between in the troubled region and the couple, who live on their boat in the harbour, are perceived as odd birds by the local population.

    “They think that I’m insane, they call me the crazy white guy or the mad German sailor but they don’t know how important my boat is to me,” he said.

    Sipping sweet white tea with his wife and a German-speaking Somali friend at a cafe near the harbour, Kantner appears in no danger of suffering from the Stockholm syndrome.

    “It was my worst experience ever. It was really painful and they were intimidating us the whole time,” said the burly German, sporting a wild head of thick white hair. “One day I said to them I hoped a plane would bomb us all to bits, so that we all die together,” he said.

    The couple was released in August 2008. A ransom of $600,000 is believed to have been paid but Kantner declined to elaborate on the circumstances of his release.

    Concerned with nothing in this world but his wife and the sea, Kantner admits to being of slightly bearish disposition and has few kind words for the “clumsy local mechanics” or “the German officials who resent my presence here.”


    .BELOW : Philippine military released a photo of the couple’s yacht, Rockall after kidnapping in November 2016 (Philippine military)