#GrannyGoals: Grandmother strives to lose weight to play with her grandson, see him grow up

Image from Alison Berry's Twitter Page
  • A grandmother who was hospitalized due to her weight decided to trim down for her grandson
  • Alison Berry realized this when she tried to play with her grandson but she couldn’t physically make it
  • Her weight loss experience made her shed 168 pounds from her original 308-pound weight

Alison Berry never thought the day would come when she would decide she need to lose weight — that is until she was given the delightful task to take care of her grandson because her daughter-in-law have to go back to working.

“I was over the moon that she asked. I started to think about taking him to the park, on walks and swimming,” Berry said in a feature by Mirror.

But when it was time to play with her grandson, Berry realized her body was not up to it.

“I couldn’t even bend over, I was so out of condition,” she said.

Berry shared that even when she was younger, she really was heavy. Her heaviest weight was at over 22 stones or 308 pounds. “At school girls were exchanging clothes and handbags and I couldn’t exchange any, all I could do was exchange handbags,” she said.

She further gained weight when she gave birth to three kids. She did all the fad diets but it never worked for her because she kept coming back to her old habits. She was even hospitalized for two weeks in January, 2014 because her weight has affected her health.

Her daughter-in-law told her to subscribe to fitness group Slimming World and she took on the challenge because she wanted to see her grandson grow up.

She started her fitness routine in October of 2014 and in two years the previously size 32 mother lost as much as 12 stones (168 pounds) that now made her a size 14.

Because of her dedication to weight loss, she was nominated for Slimming World’s Woman of the Year and made it to the cut of the top ten.

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