Raymart says Santino tried to throw knife during ‘away-bata’; Claudine admonishes him for not defending son

Image from Pinoy Gossip Boy
  • Raymart Santiago said Santino was hurt during an ‘away-bata’ with cousins
  • He claimed his son tried to throw a knife and was stopped, leading to the alleged injury
  • But Claudine scolded her estranged husband for not defending their son
  • She also called him a coward and a liar

MANILA, Philippines – After a fuming Claudine Barreto threatened to sue the person who allegedly hurt her 10-year-old son Rodrigo Santino, her estranged husband, Raymart Santiago, explained what really happened that led to the boy suffering an injury.

In an interview with PEP.ph, Raymart vent out his frustrations with Claudine for blowing the issue out of proportion; describing the incident as merely ‘away-bata’ (kids’ fight).

Raymart, who admitted he was in Cebu when the incident happened, said his relatives told him the version of the story. It supposedly took place during his brother Randy Santiago’s birthday.

“According to Santino… nagpakuwento din ako, naglalaro daw sila ng bola na papel, nagbabatuhan sila. “Tapos nagbabatu-batuhan, tumama sa ulo, nagkapikunan,” Raymart narrated.

[According to Santino, I asked him to narrate the story, they were playing with a paper ball, throwing at each other when he was hit in the head and got angry.]

“Kumuha daw ng kutsilyo [si Santino], daw, ayun ‘yung sinabi naman nung side ng pamilya ko. So, pinigilan na huwag mambato kasi kutsilyo na ‘yun, e. Ayun lang,” he said.

[Santino allegedly took a knife, that’s what my family said. So he was stopped from throwing the knife. That’s all.]

Raymart also said he could not confirm whether Claudine’s claims that Santino’s wrist was twisted, or that the boy was choked, were true since he was not present when the incident happened.

He also hoped that his estranged wife would refrain from exacerbating the issue with media interviews, and just keep it among the family to resolve.

But in a separate interview with Claudine Barreto over DZMM on Tuesday, the actress claimed her son was hurt by a 27-year-old cousin.

“He was pinned down on the floor already, sinasasakal siya at naka-twist ‘yung kamay n’ya,” said Claudine. She also vowed to pursue a legal case against Santino’s cousin.

In her latest Instagram post, the still mad mother lashes out at Raymart for downplaying the incident as merely ‘away-bata’. She also called him a coward for not defending Santino.

“Away bata talaga, Raymart! 10years old si Santino at ‘yung Pamangkin mo 27YEARS OLD? bata ba yun??? Duwag ka! Minsan lang kahit minsan magsabi ka naman ng totoo. your kids called u a Liar after this interview.  stay away from us!!” she wrote.

[Really, only kids’ fight,, Raymart!  Santino is 10 years old and your nephew is 27 years old? Is he a kid? You’re a coward. Just for once, tell the truth. Your kids called you a liar after this. Stay away from us.]

She also urged him to return what he ‘stole’ and leave them in peace.