‘Canadian with a Pinoy heart’ describes faith of the Black Nazarene devotees as something beautiful, inspiring

Image by Becoming Filipino via Facebook
  • The well-known Canadian blogger with a Filipino heart shared how the Feast of the Black Nazarene inspires and gives him positivity
  • Blogger Kyle Jennermann, more popularly known as Kulas, described the faith of the Black Nazarene devotees as something beautiful and inspiring
  • Kulas, who is behind the BecomingFilipino blog, said the Traslacion is one of the most positive things he has ever witnessed and experienced in the Philippines

“Yesterday was beautiful.” This is how the well-known Canadian blogger called Kulas described the Traslacion; saying that the faith of the Black Nazarene devotees gave him a lot of inspiration and positivity.

On his Facebook page BecomingFilipino, Kulas shared his experience while joining the millions of devotees in the Traslacion or the Feast of the Black Nazarene procession last January 9.

“Looking at the big crowds for Black Nazarene it may come across as chaos and a bit crazy. Add in the fear and negativity most people will put first and foremost about Manila. I can understand why some people may look at this event and simply be afraid. But it was one of the most positive things I have ever witnessed and experienced in the Philippines. Being amongst millions of Filipinos in the big city of Manila, I have never been more inspired,” he wrote.

By just looking at the faces of the people who were cheerfully waiting for the blessed image to pass, Kulas said he was able to get a lot of inspiration.

“Walking through side street Barangays, the mood was cheerful, tambay and happy. Walking on the streets, people would smile, wave, cheer and simply throw happiness at you. Walking through the intense crowds I would look to my left and right, see people supporting one and other, sharing happiness, devotion, and faith with one and other,” he shared.

“I have never felt more safe in Manila [sic],” he added.

Meanwhile, Kulas, through his post, told other people not to let fear and negative comments stop them from experiencing the beauty of the Philippines and the Philippine culture.

“Don’t let fear and negative messages distract you from pursuing positive experiences here in the Philippines. Like my adventures in Mindanao, Black Nazarene is definitely worth visiting and has so many positives to draw inspiration from,” he said.

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