Gretchen teases Miss India on ‘flirting’ with Tonyboy: “I’m his wife”

Image captures from Gretchen Barretto's video via Instagram
  • Gretchen Barretto teased her husband Tonyboy Cojuangco for “flirting” with Miss India
  • Miss India, on the other hand, handled the awkward moment rather gracefully
  • Gretchen herself uploaded the video of the ‘incident’ on her Instagram account

MANILA, Philippines – Controversial actress Gretchen Barretto surely has a way to remind every girl that she is the wife of Tonyboy Cojuangco.

In a video that she herself posted on Instagram, Gretchen is seen teasing both Tonyboy and Miss India Roshmitha Harimurthy, who were seated together, at the Miss Universe 2016 Governor’s Ball held at SMX Convention Center last Monday, January 16.

In one clip, Gretchen teased her husband about enjoying the event especially that he is seated beside Miss India.

“My Dada, apparently, is very happy. You know why? Miss India is seated beside him. Seems like a very happy man,” the actress was heard saying, before giving a hearty laugh.

In another video, Tonyboy can be seen whispering to Miss India’s ear while both were smiling. Tonyboy then motioned for his wife to take a video of them.

At this point, Gretchen can be heard telling Miss India: “I’m his wife. But you’re very beautiful”.

The Miss Universe bet, while appearing slightly surprised by Gretchen’s remarks, gracefully handled the seemingly awkward moment.

She then told Tonyboy that he has a beautiful wife.

Watch a copy of the clip below uploaded by The PINOY Channel on You Tube: