Shocking video shows ISIS using children to k**l prisoners

Image capture from video by ISIS

• A harrowing video was released by ISIS showing young recruits killing captives
• The children are called “cubs of the caliphate”
• The Arabic title of the video roughly translates to “He made me alive with his blood”

A disturbing video released by the international terrorist group Islamic State, also known as ISIS, showed child recruits killing three Kurdish prisoners.

The young recruits, who are called cubs of the caliphate, appear to be between toddler age and 10 years old. They were filmed shooting and beheading their victims at an abandoned amusement park in Deir ez-Zor, Syria.

In one of the scenes, an extremely young boy walked into an old ball pit filled with broken and dusty balls. An adult ISIS fighter wearing a black mask handed him a pistol. The boy, without hesitation, shoots the Kurdish soldier in the head.

Another scene from the video shows a boy, about 10 years old and wearing a camouflaged military-style uniform, walk into a deserted circular ride and was handed a bladed weapon. He walked to the prisoner and beheaded him.

As per the Fox News Insider, the video was released through an ISIS-linked Twitter account with an Arabic title that roughly translates to “He made me alive with his blood.” The video also showed the child soldiers during a gun-handling training.