#TunaKing: Sushi entrepreneur from Japan pays P31.5 M for a single fish

Image capture from AFP's tweet via Facebook
  • A sushi entrepreneur  from Japan spent 74.2 million yen — which is equivalent to $636,000 or P31,592,030 — for a single fish
  • Known as “Tuna King”, Kiyoshi Kimura paid top price at Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market’s first auction for this year
  • The head of the Sushizanmai chain is now the proud owner of a 212-kilogram or 467-pound fish

A sushi entrepreneur from Japan has paid  74.2 million yen — which is equivalent to $636,000 or P31,592,030 — for a single fish during Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market’s first auction for this year.

In an Agence France-Presse article posted on ABS-CBN, it was disclosed that the head of the Sushizanmai chain, Kiyoshi Kimura, took home an expensive bluefin tuna that weighs 212 kilograms or 467 pounds.

“I feel it was a bit expensive, but I am happy that I was able to successfully win at auction a tuna of good shape and size,” Kimura said.

Following such purchase, Kimura made the rounds of Japan’s major networks; telling viewers the tuna will be cut and distributed among his restaurants.

Kimura has built his successful chain into a national brand. Being at Tsukiji’s first auction every year, he has already been winning the sale for six straight years. Every year, the aforementioned auction, which takes place in the small hours, makes national headlines.

The 2017 auction, on the other hand, could be the last at Tsukiji which is considered to be the world’s largest fish market.

It was originally supposed to move to a new location in November, but the plan was put on hold until at least late this year over concerns about toxic contamination at the new site.

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike said the move could even be delayed until the “spring of 2018”; depending on results of health and environmental tests. But she also held out the possibility of scrapping the relocation altogether.

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