Court defers ruling on Pinay OFW on d***h row in UAE

Jennifer Dalquez| Image from The International Filipino
  • The UAE court has deferred the ruling on the case of Jennifer Dalquez for another month
  • Dalquez is an OFW on d***h row after being accused of killing her employer more than two years ago
  • The court asked the victim’s children to appear in and swore before the court
  • The sentencing has been moved to March 27

A United Arab Emirates (UAE) appellate court has moved the issuance of its final verdict on the case of the overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who was earlier sentenced to d*e by execution.

The Al Ain Court of Appeals deferred its ruling on Jennifer Dalquez’s murder case for another 30 days to give chance to the children of the victim to either accept blood money or refuse pardon on the accused.

According to The Gulf Today, the children were not present in court last Monday; prompting the judge to delay the final ruling.

“According to our lawyer and translator, the judge will ask the children to swear before the court and in the name of Allah or God 50 times that they are sure of Jennifer being the only person at the crime scene and no one else. That they are sure that it was Jennifer who k****d their father,” the newspaper quoted Ambassador Constancio Vingno Jr. as saying.

The children will be asked to appear on March 27. Depending on their final statement, the appellate court could either uphold the lower court ruling and proceed with the execution, or overturn the d***h sentence.

Dalquez, 28, and a mother-of-two from General Santos City, was accused of stabbing her employer to d***h last December 7, 2014.

But the OFW said she merely acted in self-defense after the man threatened to r**e her at knife-point.

She was a******d a week later and was sentenced to d*e last May 2015.