[Video] Father who lost job and walked for 6 days to go home to family in Isabela gets help from kind Riders

Image capture of a video by ABS-CBN
  • A father walked for 6 days to go home to his family
  • His story reached a group of motorcycle riders who decided to help him
  • The Riders Federation gave him a ride home to Isabela

How much would you sacrifice just to be with your family?

A father who lost his job in the city walked for 6 days to go home to his family in a province in northern Philippines.

ABS-CBN told the story of Virgilio Culibao, a construction worker in Manila who recently lost his job. Since Culibao was laid off from work, he had no money to go home to his province in Isabela so what he did was to walk home.

The visibly frail and old man had to pick up junk along the way so he could sell it to have money for food.

How far could kindness go?

When he reached the province of Nueva Ecija, a kind-hearted motorcycle rider offered him help and fed him. The rider posted a photo of him on Facebook; prompting a group of motorcycle riders to search for him and help him.

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Motorcycle riders helped him via this pick up. Bless the good souls!


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