Vivian Velez reminds Jim Paredes of his mother’s role in the series of 80’s bombings where an American died and Nonoy Zuniga lost his leg

The following month of October, more explosions rocked Metro Manila with bombs going off at the Philippine Plaza, Century Park Sheraton, and Manila Peninsula hotels.

Velez said it was at the Philippine Plaza bombing where Nonoy Zuniga lost his leg.

“Guess who pardoned his mother when she got jailed? Cory… So how can he talk about killing the innocent when his own mother has blood on her hands!” wrote Velez.

Image from Vivian Velez’s Facebook post

According to Kahimyang, Paredes’ mother was arrested along with other members of the Light-A-Fire Movement and was sentenced to die by electric chair in 1984.

But the sentence was never carried out when Marcos was forced to step down following the People power revolt. The Supreme Court then nullified the sentences against the accused.

Jimenez died in 1997 at the age of 81.

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