“BBC interview dad” says a minor mistake he made turned his family into YouTube stars

Image capture of video by BBC News
  • Professor Kelly talked about the moment his children gatecrashed his live interview with the BBC News
  • He said a minor mistake he made turned his family into YouTube stars
  • Kelly said he forgot to lock the door

Professor Robert Kelly, whose live interview with the BBC News a few days ago was gatecrashed by his two children, said his family has become YouTube stars because of a minor mistake he made.

The video of the interview has become viral online. It showed Kelly explaining the ramifications of the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye when his 4-year-old daughter barged in followed shortly by his 8-month-old son on a baby walker. His wife, Jung-a Kim, sped into the room to collect the children.

Kelly said what happened was a mixture of some surprise and embarrassment and amusement. He said he saw the video just like everybody else and said it was “terribly cute” and “really funny.”

In a follow-up interview, he told BBC News what really happened that day.

“She was videotaping the interview so we could have a clip of it, and the kids sort of escaped and I had foolishly not locked the door. It’s really all my fault for not locking the door,” Kelly, political science professor at Pusan National University in South Korea, explained.

He said when his kids barged in he was just sort of maintaining a straight face, hoping to get through with the interview.



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