Body of 8-year-old child found inside crocodile’s belly

Image capture from You Tube video
  • The remains of an 8-year-old boy was found inside the crocodile’s stomach
  • The boy was reportedly attacked a few days ago in a river in Zimbabwe
  • Another fisherman was also killed early this month in a nearby village

A few days ago, residents of a village in Zimbabwe were shocked to find the remains of an 8-year-old boy inside the belly of a crocodile they caught and had cut open.

The incident reportedly happened last March 13 in Mushumbi Pools, in northern Zimbabwe’s Mashonaland Central Province.

A video of the horrifying episode has been captured on a mobile phone and uploaded on social media.

In the clip, several men can be seen cutting open a crocodile which was said to have earlier eaten a boy alive in Hunyani River. They then found and removed from the beast’s stomach some body parts of the poor victim.

The crocodile was caught and shot one day after attacking the boy, according to an article from Naij.

 “The crocodile was shot and was then cut open. The boy’s remains were found in the beast’s stomach,” narrated local journalist Simbarashe Sithole.

The victim was buried on Wednesday but residents remain scared following the terrifying incident.

Before this, the body of a fisherman was also found in another crocodile in Mashonaland East.

Click the image  to watch the video. (Disturbing scenes may not be suitable for other viewers. Discretion is advised.)

Click the image to watch the video
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