British backpacker ‘repeatedly raped’ for two months in Australia

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  • A female British backpacker was reportedly held captive for two months and repeatedly raped over the same period
  • The suspect is a former boyfriend whom she met at a dance party in January
  • The man is facing multiple counts of rape and assaults, among other charges

A female British backpacker was reportedly held captive for two months in Queensland, Australia where she was raped repeatedly and abused by a man he met earlier at a dance party.

The 22-year-old woman from Liverpool was aboard an SUV when she was pulled over by local police at traffic stop at Mitchell, about 600km west of Brisbane.

She was behind the wheels but the cops suspected something was wrong after they noticed bruises on her face and arms.

The woman, who has not been named, eventually told of her ordeal and said her attacker was hiding in the vehicle.

“She told police the perpetrator was actually hiding in the vehicle,” Detective Inspector Paul Hart said. “Police have then searched the vehicle and found him in the rear compartment amongst property belonging to the pair.”

The suspect, a 22-year-old man, has been arrested.

According to police reports, the couple met in January at a dance party in Cairns and agreed to travel the vast outback across Queensland. They are believed to be in relationship at the start of their journey.

However, the relationship turned sour after several weeks and she has since been held against her will.

The suspect is now facing multiple charges including 4 counts of rape, 8 counts of assault occasioning bodily harm, 4 counts of strangulation and 2 counts of deprivation of liberty.

The victim, meanwhile is being treated for injuries like facial fractures, bruising and cuts to her body. She may soon undergo psychiatric treatment following the harrowing ordeal before flying back to the United Kingdom.

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