Ex-Power Rangers actor admits killing roommate with a sword

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  • A former Power Rangers actor admitted to killing his roommate with a sword
  • Ricardo Medina is known for playing Red Power Ranger in the “Power Rangers”

An actor who formerly played the role of the Red Power Rangers has pleaded guilty to manslaughter after killing his roommate with a sword following an argument two years ago.

Ricardo Medina, 38, who appeared as the leader of popular quintet superhero television series in “Power Rangers Wild Force” and as a villain in the “Power Rangers Samurai”, had an argument with his roommate Josh Sutter over how the former’s girlfriend was parking her car in front of their apartment in Los Angeles back in January 2015.

According to the district attorney’s office, Medina originally pleaded not guilty to murder; arguing that he merely acted in self-defense.

A heated argument between the two ensued minutes before the stabbing. Sutter allegedly followed Medina into the room and continued to confront him.

Medina then grabbed a sword he kept behind the door and stabbed Sutter several times before calling 911.

He now faces up to six years in prison after the charge was reduced to voluntary manslaughter from the original murder where he could be sentenced to life imprisonment.

The victim’s sister, Rachel Kennedy, hired Medina in 2011 to take care of the dogs in her business which specializes in the sale of rescued animals.

Medina and her brother argued frequently, said Kennedy, since the suspect started acting ‘erratically’.

“This was the first step in maybe getting some of my life back. We just want him where he belongs, and to start trying to live again. That’s what Josh would want,” she told the Los Angeles Times.

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