Study or Work Abroad? Japan Permanent Residency Application Just Got Easier!

Image capture from DNA India

Tokyo, Japan – The Ministry of Justice of Japan overseeing the immigration has just announced the new policies governing the application for permanent residency in the country in the hopes of attracting highly-skilled workers from overseas.

As reported by Business Insider, the new rules takes effect in March. It is possible that several applicants will have the opportunity to receive permanent residency after just staying a year in Japan. All immigrants are eligible for Japan permanent residency if they had lived in the country for ten years.

In 2012, a point-based system was used by the ministry in order to minimize the wait for highly-skilled applicants to become a PR in Japan. These involved categories such as advanced academic research activities, specialized or technical activities, and advanced business management activities. Those who applied in these categories scored enough points in the rubric to be eligible for applying for PR visa after five years.

The recent change narrows the period to just three years for applicants scoring more than 70 points, while only one year for those who score 80 points and above. Additional methods to earn points were introduced. For example, one can get extra points if investments are awarded in Japanese businesses and when degrees are acquired from top-rated institutions.

The point system integrates academic background, career milestones, age, licenses, salary and role. Certain point scales are imposed. For instance, 30 points are awarded for those who hold Ph.D diplomas while 20 for those with masters. This point system just made it a whole lot easier to go to a first-world country – one of the strongest in Asia. One need not travel farther to Canada to acquire permanent residency.

For those who want to apply, check out this English page for more details, as recommended by Rocket News 24.

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