This is tragic: Saudi OFW allegedly raped and ‘murdered’ his own daughter

Images from George Rasonable's Facebook post
Image capture of Charles B. Rasonable Facebook post

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) is now behind bars in Saudi Arabia for allegedly raping his own daughter, and perhaps, planning her death in an attempt to conceal his evil ways.

The tragic story, already shared by various OFW pages, was narrated in a Facebook post by Charles B. Rasonable last March 26. He identified the victim as his niece, Glyza Margarette, the daughter of his sister, Bliss.

Glyza was supposed to graduate from elementary this April in Jeddah. But that would no longer be possible because the girl died more than a week ago.

According to the post, Glyza was living with her father, Gerardo Mendoza, in Jeddah since her mother left for Canada eight years ago. The latter was hoping to bring them there and be together again as family.

Just recently, Glyza was hospitalized for still unknown reasons; prompting the mother to fly to Jeddah via Manila. She told her husband to just stay with their daughter, who had been in critical condition for nearly a month, at the hospital.

But to their surprise, the father discharged Glyza from the hospital against the medical advice of the doctors, two days before her mother’s scheduled arrival date.

“He knew that Glyza would die outside without any life support which was only available inside the hospital given her critical condition. But still, he discharged her,” the post read.

“Obviously, he wanted Glyza dead to silence her so that we will never know the sexual and physical abuses he did to Glyza,” it added.

The poor girl died in their apartment just 10 hours after she was discharged.

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