[Watch] Bank security guard shoots robber to death in dramatic footage

Image capture of video by Daily Chase via You Tube
  • A bank security guard shoots it out with an armed criminal during a daylight robbery
  • He killed the suspect who sustained gunshot wounds to the chest and buttocks
  • Police said the suspect has a long history of crime in the area

A bold, daylight bank robbery in Rockford, Illinois ended up in the killing of the criminal at the hands of the alert and quick-handed security guard identified as Brian Harrison.

The incident happened in late January but the Rockford police released the dramatic footage just recently.

In the security camera, the suspect, 34-year-old Laurence Turner, entered the Alpine Bank at North Mulford Road last January 20. With a white duffle bag in hand, Turner, wearing mask, announced the robbery by firing his weapon at the ceiling.

Unfortunately for him, Harrison was quick on the draw and immediately fired at the oncoming suspect who fell to the floor and hid below the counter.

Turner tried to shoot back at Harrison but missed. The security guard quickly fired back and hit Turner in the body.

The suspect then rolled on the floor, apparently hurt, before going for the front door to escape. But Harrison fired more bullets and the robber can be seen falling on his face by the doorway, unable to run any longer.

Turner sustained gunshot wounds to the chest and buttocks and died on the scene.

The Rockford police said Turner had a long history of robbery. Previously, he robbed at gunpoint a Rockford finance institution and a retailer.

In November last year, he was also involved in two robberies – Mincemoyer Jewelers and Harvard State Bank. Then in December, he robbed the Members Alliance Credit Union where an undisclosed amount of cash was stolen.

Harrison, who was a retired deputy at Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department, was unhurt. He will not be facing any charges and is raring to go back to his work soon.

Click the image below to watch the video (Scenes may not be suitable for others. Discretion is advised):

Image capture of video by Daily Chase via You Tube
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