[Watch] FHM’s viral vid of Jeepney struggles faced by every commuter draws hilarious comments

Image capture of video by FHM via Facebook

If you’re someone who commutes daily going to work or school,  you could relate to this video by FHM PH which tackles the struggles faced by commuters almost everyday.

Their caption on the vid goes: Here are some jeepney probs you can all relate to, and surely a lot more could be added to the list, as mentioned in the comments section.

“Having low ceilings, hard seat padding, smoke belching, drivers/passengers smoking cigarettes.. a lot more”

Reactions from netizens poured; with many narrating their own experiences and irritation regarding some other commuters’ lack of ethics or outright bad manners. Some mentioned that it’s like a battleground everyday as you have to run for your ride, be wary of lurking thieves and holduppers, and also constantly pray for those drivers to drive safely among others.

The five usual problems included in the video are: lack of change, upong dos (Php2-seat), ‘di ka na ma-reach [fellow passengers who don’t want to be bothered], not your shoulder to lean on and may pake ako sa long hair mo [I do mind your long hair].

Here’s the vid from FHM:

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You Tube, FHM PH