#CebuWantedPerson: Thief-scamnmer walks out of call center with loot

Images by Cebu Citizen Report via Facebook page

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A call center in Cebu City is warning the public via a Facebook post on the page of Cebu Citizen Report against a man who allegedly stole five laptops from their office last April 3, 2017 and scammed a  number of agents.

A certain individual who goes by  various names such as Danilo Nipaya / Syd Nipaya / Cedric Tan / Syd Tan  walked in their office with a backpack around 7 pm while the company’s HR on duty was preparing coffee for the upcoming agents and left minutes later with an already bulging backpack plus a hand-carried paper bag as shown on still shots from a CCTV footage.

Apparently, as per the post, this man knew where to get some keys that would open cabinets where  laptops were stored. He was able to do away with five laptops and has been found to have scammed a couple of agents in the past month with fake hotel bookings and orders online.

The suspect’s home address on the company records is Unit 2 Magdalene Apartments Arpili Balamban Cebu.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of the suspect, you may text this number 0922-735-1639 or call the Mabolo Police Station (032)412-8262.


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