[VIDEO / PHOTOS] 25 most shocking Pinoy celebrity transformations


5. Alodia Almira Arraiza Gosiengfiao / Alodia Gosiengfiao

Image by Davao City and Beyond

6. Josephine Eusebio Constantino Asuncion / Yeng Constantino

Image by yengconstantino.org

7. Georgina Ashley Diaz Wilson / Georgina Wilson

Image by Georgina Wilson (Instagram)

8. Kristine Ann Tan Bernal / Kris Bernal

Image by LionHearTV

9. Rhian Denise Ramos Howell / Rhian Ramos

Image by Pinoy Exchange

10. Solenn Marie Adea Heussaff-Bolzico / Solenn Heussaff

Image by Cosmo

Moreover, here’s a compilation from WhatsUp Pinoy from last year:

Amazing, right? So who among them got you stuck thinking how she evolved into such present physical appearance?


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