15 Pinoy Celebrities you probably didn’t know have p*********y; date and cause of d***h disclosed

Image by ABS CBN, GMA, Wikipediea, Dalton Channel @ Youtube

Sometimes people wonder why their favorite celebrities and other prominent personalities that have had a great share of history in the Philippines were already nowhere to be heard on the news nor seen on the televisions anymore. Well, they might think they’re just around, doing their stuff, no recent projects, or have decided to just walk away from the limelight.

These could be true to some; however not everyone is updated on how these famous people have just disappeared like that; only to find out one day that they’ve already p*********y.

Most of the working people, especially the very busy people have of course less time for leisure; with many making the most of their free time doing their hobbies, spending time with their families or friends, turning on the tv less than an hour a day, or sometimes not at all.

Then one day when you decided to quietly stay at home, scroll the channels, and happen to laugh so hard on one of Richie D’ Horsie’s or Blakdyak’s comedy scenes, here comes your housekeeper saying: “Haha kakatawa tong si ano, sayang p***y na sya ser” and you were like, “What?” “Who?” and your tambay brother bulges in, blurting: “He’s d**d, ano ka ba, kuya, didn’t you know?”

Yes, for a moment you’d be shocked knowing you never learned of their passing (though it was really not a big deal at all.) It’s just that there are a lot of news every day that people fail to come across — including the d***h of some famous personalities.

Thus, here’s a short list of those great people; idolized, p*********y, but not forgotten as a tribute to them:

1.) Raphael John “Ralph” Gil Eigenmann (25 September 1961 – 1 September 2014), better known by his screen name as Mark Gil.”

He died at age 52, of cirrhosis of the liver, stemming from c****r of the liver, just 24 days before his 53rd Birthday.

His last movie appearance was in ‘Ang Bagong Dugo’ in 2014 with co-veteran actor Dick Israel.

2.) Ricardo Vizcarra Michaca (10 December 1947 – 11 October 2016), popularly known as “Dick Israel,” was an actor who played mostly villain and sidekick roles in Pinoy movies.

On 11 October 2016, Israel suffered blood vomiting, and later died in his home.

Some people may recall Dick seeking help after his residence in Bagong Barrio, Caloocan was damaged in a fire in July of the same year.

His last movie was also ‘Ang Bagong Dugo’ with aforementioned actor Mark Gil, and other veteran action stars Monsour Del Rosario and Roi Vinzon.

The wife of Dick Israel has p*********y less than a week after he died.

3.) Rolando Desembrana Aquino “Roldan Aquino” (May 2, 1948 – March 10, 2014) was a Filipino actor and director, best known for playing antagonist roles in films and television shows.

Roldan’ last film was DOTA: Nakakabaliw.

He also did some comedy movies like ‘Mama’s Boys’ together with Michael V., Ogie Alcasid and others.