Amid ethics complaint vs Alejano: Fariñas hits back at Trillanes, laments supporting his amnesty

Image from DU30 News' Facebook page
  • House Majority leader shot back at senator over ethics complaint criticism
  • He lamented having sponsored and authored bill granting him amnesty
  • He also blasted Trillanes, twitted him for acting like Congress’ moral compass

MANILA, Philippines – Fuming over Senator Antonio Trillanes IV’s criticism of his plan to file an ethics complaint against Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano, House Majority leader Rodolfo Fariñas shot back and lamented having sponsored the bill granting him and his fellow mutineers amnesty.

“The only instance of twisted morals that I committed was to sponsor and defend in the HOR the amnesty that Congress granted to them!” he told GMA News.

Fariñas also twitted Trillanes for acting like Congress’ moral compass despite his mutinous past.

“Ironically, he thinks he is our moral compass who has the authority to stage a failed coup and attack everyone he pleases,” he said. “He defends the rights of Rep. Alejano to file cases against the President, but does not grant me the same right to file a case against him for perjury or an ethics case,” he said.

Earlier, Fariñas said he Is mulling filing an ethics complaint against Alejano over the latter’s impeachment rap against President Rodrigo Duterte.

The House of Representatives have since thumbed down Alejano’s complaint as being insufficient in substance.

In turn, Trillanes — a known critic of the president — blasted Fariñas and accused him of having twisted morals.

“Fariñas is threatening to file an ethics case against Cong. Alejano for doing what is right yet vigorously defending the corrupt and murdering ways of his mob boss, Duterte,” he said; “This guy must either have disturbingly twisted morals or very high on something.”